How To Unsend An Email In Gmail App

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Nothing is worse than sending an email that hasn't been reviewed twice or that was sent too soon. With the "undo send" function in Gmail, fortunately, there are ways to avoid it. Fortunately, Gmail includes an Undo Send option that provides you up to a 30-second grace period after you send an email, allowing you to covertly proofread before the message escapes your control. Here's a guide for unsend an email in Gmail App.

Unsend An EmaiI In Gmail App In 5 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: Firstly you have to open the app from your app icon. Once you have opened the app, then log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click On Compose: After you have logged in to your Gmail account, next select the compose option that is at the bottom of the page. It looks like a pen option.

Step 3: Write An Email And Click On Send: Now, compose the email that you want to send. You can add CC in Gmail App and then click on the send option.

Step 4: Undo Option Appears In Bottom: Notice carefully that when you have sent your email, you will immediately see an "undo" option at the bottom of your page. Click on it immediately, within 30  seconds, to unsend it.

Step 5: Unsending Email Successfully: Lastly, if you see that the undoing thing is loading, that means your email was not sent to that person.

These are very useful steps that you need to follow to unsend your email. Now check out the questions that are given below.


If a Gmail is not opened, can you delete it?

Yes! You can instantly send the message again as if nothing happened if you accidentally sent an email with a typo or forgot to attach a PDF file. Until the receiver opens or reads the email they have received, If you decide to retract a previously sent email, all it takes is clicking "Undo Send" in Gmail.

Can you revoke the email after one hour?

You cannot retrieve the message after one hour, unfortunately. Within 30 seconds of sending it, you can only recall it. You can discover ways to avoid communicating inadvertently!

Does the recipient still have access to deleted emails?

You cannot delete an email by unsending an email. A deleted email is no longer there in your email application, but it is still present in the recipient's inbox. The recipient may still read, copy, print, or forward it.

How long does it take to completely delete an email?

With Google's Undo tool, you can cancel sending an email from Gmail on a computer or mobile device. Messages on computers can be recalled up to 30 seconds after they are sent, but only up to 5 seconds on mobile apps. 

What happens in Gmail if I delete a sent email?

An email that you remove from your sent box is simply removed from your sent box. The email is not actually removed from the recipient's inbox. The email is delivered when you click "send,". There is no turning around.

Hence, the article comes to an end with these simple steps. Follow Sirhow's page for more guides like this. 

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