How to Change Background in Gmail (App/Web)

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The default background of Gmail has plain, white, and gray with a tint of red and blue. You can modify the appearance of your mailbox by changing its Gmail background. Quite uninspiring and boring, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This article will help you spice up your background by adding a theme that motivates and suits your mood. You can even fully customize your background to your liking by tweaking and experimenting with its other settings, besides changing its background.

In this article, you will learn how to change Gmail background by simply adding from the available default themes or changing the existing theme, or adding one of your photos to the background.

How to change background image in Gmail

Steps to change Gmail background

Step 1- Open Gmail in browser: Open your preferred browser on your computer or laptop. You can only change your Gmail background by accessing the Gmail site on the web. Log in to your Gmail account if you aren’t already logged in.

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Step 2- Tap on the settings icon: As soon as you’re logged in, you will see all your inbox messages displayed on the site’s home page. At the very top right side of your screen, you will see four options.

  • These options are support, settings, google apps, and google account profile.
  • Select on the gear icon that represents the option of settings.

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Step 3- Tap on view all in theme section: The settings option will open up a drop-down list of options that are divided under each subheading. These subheadings are density, theme, inbox type, reading pane, and email threading.

  • These options help you personalize the appearance of your mailbox.
  • The second subheading is the theme. Tap on the “view all” option to view all the default available themes on Gmail.

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Step 4- Choose the wallpaper you want & tap save: Pick the theme of your choice by scrolling through the options. Some of these themes are pictures and some of them are solid colors. Select the theme of your choice and click on the “save” option present at the bottom right side of the window.

  • You can also choose a wallpaper from your google photos or computer, then you should click on “My photos” option present at the bottom left side of the window.
  • After you click on these options, you will see a few folders including featured, my photos, and recently selected. Go through the inner folders and scroll through the images.
  • After you’ve selected the image, click on the “select” option present at the bottom left of this window.
  • This theme will appear on the previous window of themes.
  • Select the “save” option present at the bottom right of the window to change your Gmail background.

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Let's wrap up

Although the default background is professional, minimalistic, and easy on the eyes, it may start to feel boring if you spend a lot of time on it. So, it is likely that you would want to change it to a background that keeps you motivated and energized. You will successfully be able to change your Gmail background after following the aforementioned steps. You can also check our articles on changing Gmail password in mobile and change signature on Gmail.


  1. Other options are to customize text background, vignette, and blur. We can change the text background to light or dark. Vignette helps to make the corners of your background image darker. You can even adjust the blurriness you want to add or subtract from the background.



Another method to change background color in Gmail

You can change the background in Gmail easily. It makes your mail experience even far better. You can select the theme from inbuilt Gmail themes and you can take the theme from your desktop.

Let's see how you can change the background in Gmail.

Change the background in Gmail: 6 Steps

You can use your pictures as well for the theme. You can pick your picture from Google drive or from your desktop.

Read these quick steps:

1. Click on the settings bar: Click on the settings icon bar which is at the top right corner.

change background in gmail

2. Go to ‘theme’ option: You can see the theme option in all given options. Click on it.

change background in gmail

3. Click on ‘my photos’: You will see many themes on your account. At the bottom in the left corner, click on ‘my photos’ option.

change background in gmail

4. Select the theme: Now you will get featured photos and my photos. In featured photos, you can get more themes, even better than recent themes. In my photo, you can take your profile picture as your theme. Click on select to pick.

change background in gmail

5. Make changes in selected theme: You can add texts and a bit of filer in it. Click on the ‘A’ option to choose text background and you can see two other options vignette and blur on the right side. Try it and make some changes to the picture.

change background in gmail

6. Click on ‘save’: Now click on the ‘save’ option to set the theme for Gmail background.

change background in gmail

Now your new background has been set on your Gmail account. You can change it from doing the same steps.

That’s how you can change the background in Gmail. If you are choosing your picture, then go for a good size. A low-resolution picture will look dull. You can play with text background and blur options to make them better.

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