How to Recall Email in Gmail App

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Have you ever composed an email but pressed send even before finishing your email? Are you someone who does this often? If yes, you need to learn how to Recall Email in Gmail App. For that, this article will give you all the help and guidance that you need. Recalling email will help you unsend those emails that you do not intend to send saving you from the embarassment that comes with it. So, log in to your Gmail account and recall emails whenever you want.

Recall Email in Gmail App: 5 Steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: The first step needs you to open your Gmail app. Get your app from Playstore if you don't have it already.

  • Additionally, if you don't want to use the app, access Gmail online through any search engine.
  • Type Gmail in the search bar of any search engine and press Go. You will see Gmail pop up in the top of the search engine results. Click on it and log in with your details.
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Step 2- Tap on Compose: In the second step, you need to tap on Compose.

  • You will find this button in the bottom right.
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Step 3- Enter Details: Once you click on Compose, you will see the columns To, Subject, Compose Email. Here you need to fill all details.

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Step 4- Tap on Send: In the second last step, you need to click on the send icon. You will find the icon in the top right.

  • Tap on Send.
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Step 5- Tap Undo: Immediately after you tap on send, you will see a pop up in the bottom of your screen. The pop up will have undo as an option.

  • Click on Undo.
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This is how you can Recall Email in Gmail App. Likewise, if you want to learn why your Gmail is not receiving emails, do it in a few simple steps. Additionally, if you want to learn more about recalling email in Gmail you can go through the carefully curated frequently asked questions for you.


How can I swipe delete an email?

For that, you need to change the swipe action configuration settings in your email. You can do that by going to settings. Click on General settings. Then select mail swipe actions to change its settings.

What happens after I click on Undo?

After you click on Undo, you are brought back to your email composing screen of the email you were sending.

Why am I not able to swipe delete an email?

That could be because your swipe action configuration is set for archiving, marking as read/unread etc. To change the swipe action settings to delete follow the steps mentioned in the answer above.

For how many second does the "Undo" option show?

The "Undo" option shows for Up to 5 seconds.

I want to unsend an email I sent an hour ago. How can I do it?

That's not possible. You cannot unsend an email sent an hour ago.

These FAQs will give you more understanding of Recalling Email. Try doing it today!

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