How to Disable Gmail App

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Do you want to Disable the Gmail App? If that's the case, this article will help you do exactly that. Disabling Gmail app can be of great help if you want this app to get removed from your app's grid or if you do not need the features of the app anymore. Here 5 simple steps to Disable Gmail App will be covered. Read on to get your guide.

You can try signing out of Gmail too if you don't want to go for the disabling option.

Disable Gmail App: 5 Steps

Step 1- Open Settings: In the first step, you need to open Settings. You can do it by opening the apps grid on your phone and finding Settings.

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Step 2- Tap on Apps and Notifications: Once you open Settings, you need to find the option Apps and notifications. Click on this option.

  • If you can't find this option, type it in the search bar of settings and press Go.
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Step 3- Tap on See all Apps: Once you select Apps and notifications, you will see the option See All 50 Apps. This option will be at the bottom in blue text.

  • Click on See All 50 Apps.
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Step 4- Tap on Gmail: In the fourth step, you need to find the Gmail app amongst all the apps that you see. Select the Gmail app.

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Step 5- Tap on Disable: Once Gmail opens up, you will several options. These options will be Open, Disable, Force Stop, etc.

  • Click Disable.
  • With this, you would have disabled the Gmail app.
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Just these 5 steps will help you know how you can Disable Gmail App. Similarly, if you want to know how you can delete your Gmail account, you can do it in a few simple ways. Additionally, if you want to learn more about disabling Gmail, try going over the done-for-you FAQs.


What does disabling an app do?

Disabling an app will lead to the app not receiving any updates. It also means that the app will be removed from the app's grid. So, if you think that an app is redundant to you, try disabling it.

What is the difference between force stop and disable?

Force stop briefly stops the app. This means that whenever you open the app next the app will resume. But during the time you have been forced to stop the app, it will be stopped from working.

Can I disable the Google Calendar app?

That's right, you can disable the Calendar app from your phone. For that, you need to follow the same steps in this article except that you have to select the Google Calendar app.

Will I get notifications from an app I have disabled?

No, you will not receive notifications if you have disabled an app.

Will I get notifications from an app I have force stopped?

You will not receive notifications from an app you have force-stopped. However, as soon as you open the app, you'll receive notifications.

These FAQs will make it easy for you to Disable Gmail App.

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