How to change Gmail password on iPhone

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Privacy is the concern in every digital work. Gmail is the most important tool in professional work. Every professional work is done on mails. You are an iPhone user and you want the privacy strong in your Gmail account, then there is one option that you should change your password. You can change Gmail password on iPhone easily. (Learn how to change the Gmail password on desktop and Android devices)

Why we need to change the password: 

  • When we forget your password then we face issues while log in.
  • When someone is using your Gmail account. You are really concern about this.
  • When you have logged in other user’s desktop or mobile.

In these situations, you strictly need to change or reset your password.



Steps to change Gmail password on iPhone:

These steps are applicable when you are pretty concern over privacy issues and you want to change the password. You know your current password but still you want to change it.

  1. Open Gmail app: Open your Gmail app in your iPhone. Log in to your account. If you are using mails with apple ID, then download it and install in your phone.
  2. Log into your Gmail account: Type your mail ID and the password. Log in to your mail account.
  3. Tap three bars menu: Tap three horizontal bars option at the top left corner.
  4. Tap ‘settings’: Scroll down and tap the ‘settings’ at the bottom of your app screen.
  5. Tap ‘manage your Google account’: Tap ‘manage your Google account’ option at the top of the all options.
  6. Tap ‘sign in security’: Tap ‘sign in security’ option.
  7. Tap ‘password’: Tap the option of ‘password’. Type your current password.
  8. Tap ‘sign in’: Tap the option of ‘sign in’.
  9. Type new password: Type your new password and confirm it again.
  10. Tap ‘change password’: Now tap ‘change password’ option to confirm the process. Your password has been changed successfully.

If you are using inbuilt Mail app in your iPhone, then you cannot change your Gmail password. It’s your apple ID. So, always try to use Gmail app for the reset the password and other settings option.

How to change Gmail password on iPhone if you have forgotten the password

Sometimes we forget the mail password, so we cannot log in to your account. Now you need to change the password and set a new password that you can back to your current Gmail account.

These are the steps to help you solve this problem:

  1. Open the app: Open your Gmail app. Don’t try inbuilt mail app in iPhone. Download the main Gmail app in your iPhone.
  2. Tap sign in: Tap the option of ‘sign in’ at the bottom when you open the app.
  3. Tap forget the password: Now tap on the forget the password when you tap sign in.
  4. Verify the code: Now Google will send you a verification code on your number. Check the code. Type the code in your app box.
  5. Type new password: Type your new password and confirm it again. Your new password has been set. Always make your password strong and long. It will help you to make your Gmail account safe.

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