How to Delete a Sent Email in Gmail

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When a person wants to delete the sent email from their Gmail account, it's a very simple method, which we are going to explain you step by step. People want to delete them, maybe that’s a piece of confidential information, and personal stuff like their family picture or documents, it could be anything.

Delete a sent email Gmail on Desktop

  1. Open your browser: Open the web browser, type in search bar and click on search icon.
  2. Enter your email id and password: Just enter your Email id with the password and then click on Next.
  3. Click on sent: after, login process, click on the sent option and you can see all your sent email to the people.
  4. Delete an Email: Select the email from your choice by the help of cursor and after that on the top number of icons generated and one of them is delete icon, click on that and your sent email get automatically deleted.
  5. Go to 'Trash': On the left side, just below the compose option click on more option and you see the trash or maybe bin option there, by clicking it, you can see your deleted email there, and you can delete that email permanently.

The procedure we discuss above is very simple, for the desktop purpose, just click on sent option and delete the sent email, if you want to permanently delete that email just go to trash or bin delete from that also.

Delete a sent email Gmail on android

  1. Go to  Gmail: Open, your Gmail app in your android phone.
  2. Enter Email-id & Password: enter your email id & password and then press on next.
  3. Tap on four bars: On the left side, there is an icon of 4 lines of white color tap on that. after tapping, you can see numbers of option are there.
  4. Tap on sent: Scroll down, You can see the sent option, tap on that, after that you can see your sent email.
  5. Delete an email: Select the email which you want to delete, after that you can see the delete icon is there, just tap on that and your email gets automatically deleted.
  6. Go to Bin or Trash: if you want to delete the email permanently from your Gmail, just go to bin or trash,  Just tap on Empty bin now, all that deleted emails from the bin gets automatically deleted.

People used to face lots of difficulties, when they try to delete an email from android , But this method will surely help you, just open your Gmail app, tap on sent, delete the email, then go to bin or trash delete that email again, and you can see that email is completely deleted from your Gmail.

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