How to Send Meeting Invite in Gmail App

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It's helpful to be able to invite guests via your Google Calendar whether you're arranging a face-to-face meeting or a conference on Google Meet. You can send several invitations using Google Calendar's real-time scheduling function, providing you control over the different degrees of access that participants are given. Let us now check out the steps to send Meeting Invite in Gmail app.

In addition, you can send Meet invitation to multiple Emails.

Send Meeting Invite in Gmail App in 5 simple steps

Step 1- Open the Gmail app: Open your iPhone or Android device as a first step.  The Gmail app icon can then be found by opening the menu on your phone.

  • Thereafter, hit the Gmail app icon to launch it.
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Step 2- Tap on Meet Icon: When Gmail opens, you can see the primary inbox page.

  • Below the primary inbox page, spot the Google Meet icon on the right side.
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Step 3- Tap on New Meeting: When you click on the Google Meet icon, a new page comes up.

  • On the new page, you will find a blue New Meeting button.
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Step 4- Tap on the Get a Meeting link: Once you tap on the blue button saying New meeting, a new page comes up.

  • A few options are visible on that new page.
  • Then select the option saying Get a meeting link to share.
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Step 5- Copy the Link or Tap on Share invite: When you get a new Google meet link, spot the Paste option or the Share invitation button.

  • Finally, click on either of the options to share your Google Meet invite link.
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Gmail will send an email invitation to your guests as soon as you save your event. You can automatically create events from Gmail and cannot have additional participants added.


In Gmail, where is the Meet option?

Launch a video call from Gmail or Chat.

  • Launch the Gmail or Chat apps.
  • Click on Chat or Spaces.
  • Launch a chat window.
  • Tap the Action menu in the response box. Send link to meet.
  • Tap Join video meeting to take part in a video conference. Sign up today.

Why does my Gmail not display the Meet option?

Check your Gmail settings if you can't view Meet in Gmail. Click Join now in the Share your new meeting window. Click Connect now to join using the video and audio capabilities of your computer's camera and microphone.

Why doesn't Google Meet appear in my Gmail?

Ensure that your personal Google account or your Google Workspace account for work or school are both active. Verify that you can access your Gmail on the same machine or device.

Find out how you can share a Google Meet link.

How can Google Meet be enabled?

Android 5.0 and later mobile OS systems are compatible with Meet.

  • The first time you use Meet, grant access.
  • Then navigate to the Meet homepage in a web browser.
  • To begin a new meeting, click.
  • Press Allow.

How can I provide a link for a group invite?

Alternately, hold down the group's button while selecting CHATS. Then select Group info under More choices. On the link, tap Invite. deciding to send a link through WhatsApp, Copy the link, share it with another app, or scan the QR code.

These FAQs will help you to obtain additional info about Google meet invites and how you can share them.

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