How To Delete All Emails In Gmail App

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You can delete all emails in the Gmail app by following the simple and straightforward steps given in the article below. This can help you delete all the emails in one go. This will help you if you have read all the emails and there are too many to select one by one and delete. Now, let’s head to the steps directly. Additionally, you can attach a folder in Gmail.

Delete All Emails In Gmail App In 11 Steps

Step 1: Open Settings- To begin with, you have to open settings on your Android device.

It is a pre-installed app on the device.

Step 2: Go To Mail- Thereafter, you have to go to the mail.

You can also directly go on it by searching for it in the settings search.

Step 3: Go To Accounts- Now, tap on accounts.

This opens the accounts active on your device on the Gmail app.

Step 4: Go To Gmail- Then, you need to select Gmail to enter the settings related to the Gmail app.

It is present among other options like "iCloud", "add account", etc.

Step 5: Unselect-

  1. Contacts
  2. Calendars
  3. Notes
  • As the fifth step, you need to unselect the Contacts, Calendars, and notes from the permissions.

Step 6: Open Mail- Now, close the settings app and open your Mail app.

You can do so by searching for it in the app search.

Step 7: Go To Gmail- Thereafter, you will be able to see the following options:

  • All Inboxes
  • Gmail
  • etc

Then, move to the Gmail section.

Step 8: Click On Edit- Now, you have to click on edit option to edit the mail-related settings.

It is present on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 9: Select All- Tap on select all.

It is present on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 10: Click On Move- We are almost done. 

Now, tap on Move. Other options available are: Mark, Move, Archive

Step 11: Click On Bin- Finally, tap on the bin.

This moves all the selected messages to the bin.

This was how to delete all emails in the Gmail app.


What emails are in the outbox in Gmail?

Outbox keeps the messages that have been sent, are being sent, or have failed to send. You may view all of your successfully delivered or sent mail in the "Sent mail" area.

How to schedule a mail on the Gmail app?

To schedule a mail, take the following actions:

  • Start by launching the Gmail app.
  • Afterward, write the email that you are prepared to send.
  • Secondly, tap the options that are then visible in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, et the time and date by selecting Schedule Send in the final step.

What happens when you schedule an email?

Emails that are scheduled are sent at the time and date that you choose. When you type a late-night email and want it delivered during business hours, you can plan a send.

What happens when you snooze an email?

Snooze the important emails to make sure they don't get lost. Snoozed emails will return at the time you specify at the top of your inbox. A mail can be snoozed in the following ways:

  • Choose the Snooze button located on the right side of the email preview.
  • By choosing Select date and time and then clicking Save, you can alternatively choose your own delay.
  • The Reminder button is located at the top of the message.
  • Select the time delay if you wish to be reminded about the email later.

How to attach a folder in Gmail?

The actions to do this are as follows:

  • Launch the Gmail app.
  • Click "Compose."
  • Send an email
  • Click on attach a file
  • Add the Folder.
  • Select "send"

This sums up the process to delete all emails in the Gmail app. Deleting all mails at once will remove all the burden of deleting the emails one by one. The article makes it simpler for one to understand the process of doing so. There may be certain titles that change from company to company of the phone but the jist of the process remains same.

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