How to Send a Group Email in Gmail

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Not every email exchange is private. Gmail makes it very simple where you can create a group email on Gmail App to include other participants in discussions when necessary. Group emailing is starting to lose favor these days due to the popularity of Slack, Asana, and other collaboration software. However, you can’t build a mailing list and group emails in Gmail if you’re clinging to outdated practices with all of your might. Now let’s see how to create a group email on the Gmail app.

Create A Group Email On Gmail App In 3 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: Firstly, you need to open the Gmail app. Make sure you have turned on your internet connection. The app can be found in your app drawer. 

Step 2: Tap On Compose: Next, you have to click on the compose option. This is in the right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: Enter Multiple Emails: Lastly, you have to put any email addresses you want to include in the group "Gmail."

  • You must enter the correct email address here.
  • You can choose to put one address or multiple addresses here. T
  • hen you have to compose the email and press "send."

With the help of these 3 easy steps, you can now send one email to a large number of people at one time. If you want, you can also attach a file in the Gmail app and send it to them.


In 2022, how do I set up a Gmail email group?

Go to the Contacts app, choose the Google contacts you wish to be in that group, and then give them a label name. When writing an email, you can use this label name so that Gmail knows which contacts to send it to.

In the Gmail app, where is the Groups button?

Utilize Gmail groups. Click "Compose" in the upper left corner. Enter the group name in the "To" column, then pick the group from the list that appears by continuing to type the name.

Is group email available in Gmail?

A confirmation code is sent to the group when you configure Gmail to send messages as a group. You might need to change a few group settings in Google Groups in order to get the email and validate the code. Register with Google Groups. The group name should be clicked.

How can I send an email to a group of individuals?

Using the BCC tool, you can send a mass email to several recipients. After writing your message, click BCC and add all of your recipients. Then, click the compose box. By doing this, emails will be sent to the recipients while keeping their email addresses private.

How many Gmail contacts can I include in a group email?

In Gmail, you may rapidly email a group of users who share a common interest by creating a contact group. You could, for instance, make a contact group out of all of your clients so that you can send them all a single email informing them of a deal. You can have an unlimited number of contacts in a group.

You can also add CC in the Gmail app. Also, follow the Sirhow page for more such information.

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