How to Unmute in Gmail App

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We all have our fair share of email conversations which are irrelevant. This is exactly why we have muted many of them. But is there an unmuted email conversation that you want in your Inbox? If that's the case, you need to know how you can unmute in Gmail App. It's incredibly easy to do. You need to follow only 7 steps. Learn to do this with 7 simple steps, but ensure that you log in to your Gmail account first.

Unmute in Gmail App: 7 Steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: The first step is simple. Open your Gmail app on your device. If you do not have the app already, get it from Playstore.

  • As an alternative, go to any search engine to access Gmail online.
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Step 2- Tap on Search Bar: The second step requires you to look for the search bar in the top of your screen.

  • You need to click on the search bar.
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Step 3- Enter Mute: In the third step, you need to type Mute in the search bar.

  • Simply tap the search bar and type mute.
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Step 4- Tap on Label Mute: In the fourth step, you need to find the option label:mute that shows up in the drop down menu after you type mute.

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Step 5- Select Email: Once you click on label:mute, you will see mails that are mute.

  • Open the email you want to unmute.
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Step 6- Tap on Three Vertical Dots: Once you open the email that you want to unmute, you will see three dots in the top right. Click on these three dots.

  • On clicking the three dots, you will see a host of options.
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Step 7- Tap on Move to Inbox: One of the options that you will see on your screen is Move to Inbox.

  • As the last step, click on Move to Inbox.
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Just these 6 steps will be enough for you to know how your can unmute on Gmail app. If you have further queries, please go though the FAQs below. Furthermore, if you want to learn how you can sign out of Gmail, you can do it in a few simple steps.


I want to report a muted email as Spam. How do I do it?

That's easy, you need to follow the same steps till step no. 7 in this article. In step 7 instead of clicking on Move to Inbox, select Report Spam.

Can I mute someone I have once unmuted?

That's right, you can mute and unmute someone back and forth based on your needs. There is no restriction to it.

What does muting do?

When you Mute someone, their emails do not show up in your Main Inbox space. Hence, rendering them mute.

What is archiving?

Archiving means hiding an email conversation. Although, keep in mind that archiving is not similiar to muting.

How is muting different from archiving?

When you mute someone their email replies do not show in your Inbox, but when you archive a conversation, the email replies do show up in your Inbox.

These FAQs will make it more than simple for you to Unmute in Gmail App.

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