How To Add Recovery Email In Gmail App

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The use of a recovery email address enables password resets. You will have to enter a recovery email address each time you open a new Gmail account. However, if you forget your password or are otherwise locked out of your account, this address enables you to reset your password. This mail is typically added for the purpose of sending security notifications. Therefore, you must provide recovery information to ensure that you can log back in. Let's look at how to add a recovery email in the Gmail app.

Add Recovery Email In Gmail App In 8 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: Firstly, you have to open the Gmail app. This option will be definitely there in your app icons.

Step 2: Tap On Profile: After you have opened Gmail, you will notice your profile picture on the right side of your page. Click on it.

Step 3: Tap On Manage Your Google Account: Next, click on the manage your Google Account option.

Step 4: Tap On Security: When you have pressed the manage Google account option, you will find an option of "Security". This is beside the data privacy option.

Step 5: Tap On Recovery Email: Under this Security option you will find the "Recovery Email" option. Now, click on it.

Step 6: Enter Gmail Password: Here you have to enter a valid Gmail password.

Step 7: Enter Recovery Email: After that enter your recovery email address in the box.

Step 8: Enter Verification Code: Lastly, enter the verification code to verify your account.

After reading this guide now let's look into the following frequently asked questions. Also, you can add another email to your Gmail app.


What is the password for my Google recovery email?

In the top-right corner, you have to click on the name of your account. Now, click "Account" to open it. Toggle to the "Security" tab. Your recovery email address is listed in this area, with the option to "Edit."

Can I use my Gmail account to add more than one recovery email?

Many individuals just use their Gmail account as their personal email address. Choosing a backup email address will help you retrieve your Google account. This is if you lose access to your account.

Why can't I get my Gmail back?

We place a limit on the number of times you can use the Account Recovery form, email, or SMS to try to recover your password in order to protect your account. Google temporarily bans a specific account recovery method after too many failed attempts. will once again be available on the date shown beneath it.

Is adding a recovery email a good idea?

Using a recovery email, you can access your account again.   Update your account information. It's a good idea to have a recovery email address, though it's not necessary. Recover your account – In the event that you forget your password, we'll send a confirmation email to your recovery email.

If I change my phone number, how can I authenticate my Google account?

Firstly, from the top menu, select Security. Now tap recovery phone under "Ways we can verify it's you." To add your number again, follow the instructions on the screen. Go to those services and add your number again if you want to continue using it for other Google services.

You can also switch accounts on Gmail App or you can have multiple accounts. For this, you have to follow the Sirhow page.

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