How to Access Calendar on Gmail App

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Calendar is one of the many helpful features that come with the Gmail app. If you know how you can access Gmail Calendar, you'll be able to keep a close tab of your events, besides you will be able to schedule your events. So, do you want to access calendar on Gmail app? Read on to get your step-by-step guide on how you can do it. But before you find your guide, make sure you log in to your Gmail account first.

Access Calendar on Gmail App: 3 Steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: The first step is simple. You need to open the Gmail app. You can do it by going to the app that you might already have on your phone.

  • If you do not wish to use the app, we recommend you access Gmail online by typing in the search bar of any search engine.
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Step 2- Tap on Three Horizontal Lines: In the second step, you need to find three horizontal lines on your screen. You will see these lines in the top left of your screen.

  • These lines are called the hamburger button. Click on the hamburger button.
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Step 3- Tap on Calendar: In the third step, you need to find the option Calendar. This option will be among several other options such as Contacts, Settings, Help and Feedback etc.

  • Click on Calendar.
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This is how you can access Gmail calendar in just 3 simple steps. But if you want to know more about it, we recommend you go through the FAQs below. Additionally, if you want to learn how you can delete a Gmail account, you can do it in a fews simple steps by following the article that has been linked.


Can I schedule my events on Gmail Calendar?

That's right, you can schedule your events in Google Calendar. The process is simple - you need to open Google Calendar and click on the date that you want to schedule your event on. After that, click on the plus icon and type the details of your event.

How can Gmail Calendar help me on a daily basis?

Gmail Calendar can help you keep close tabs of your upcoming tasks and events. This will help you keep a track of your productivity.

Is Gmail Calendar anywhere related to Google Calendar?

Gmail Calendar is Google Calendar itself. The only difference is Gmail Calendar offers it as a Gmail tool when you access it via the Gmail app. That is why, you can see the word Google Tools in the top when you access Google Calendar in Gmail app.

How can I search for my events in Gmail Calendar?

That's simple, click on your search bar in the top of your screen in Gmail Calendar and type the name of your event. You will see your event.

Does Gmail Calendar show public holidays?

That's right, Gmail Calendar does show public holidays.

These FAQs will help you better understand Gmail Calendar. Try accessing Gmail Calendar today!

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