How to Get Dubai Calendar of Events in UAE

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If you are visiting Dubai, you will certainly need to have the calendar of events in Dubai. The calendar will help you to know about the events taking place in Dubai. That will assist you to schedule your tour in Dubai and choose the events that you want to check out and give a visit. Let us now see the steps on how to get the Dubai Calendar of events in UAE.

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Get Dubai calendar of events in UAE in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to Visit page: Open your desktop or phone first.

  • Then go to your search engine and enter the link visit into the search field.
  • You must then click the search button.
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Step 2: Tap on the destination option: Once you click on the Search button, a new page appears.

  • From the new page spot the second option which is The UAE, an ideal tourist destination.
  • Then click on that option.
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Step 3: Tap on Dubai calendar of events: In the page that just opens, click on the UAE official websites options from the list in the left side.

  • Under the official websites subsection, spot the fifth option.
  • Then click on the fifth option which is Dubai calendar of events.
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Step 4: Check the Dubai calendar: Then the Dubai Calendar official page appears.

Then select the date and the category from the drop down menus.

Finally you can check out the Dubai calendar.

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You can take help from this article if you need to get access to the Dubai events calendar. The calendar will help you to know about the events occurring in Dubai and you can plan your tour schedule on the basis of that.


Which time of year is ideal in Dubai?

The best time to travel to this emirate is believed to be from November to February, when the weather is pleasant and there is a flurry of activity, including the Dubai Shopping and Food Festivals and the Dubai World Cup.

When does it cost the least to visit Dubai?

September is the smartest month to visit Dubai. Because Europeans and Britons choose the Mediterranean for its sun, hotel costs and airfare have fallen sharply. The high season, which runs from December through February and peaks around Christmas, can cause hotel rates to gradually increase from October through New Year's.

What location in the UAE is the most popular?

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in the UAE, the Burj Al Arab is distinguished by its distinctive architecture and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

How much should I set aside to travel to Dubai?

You should budget $3,325 USD for five nights and six days. This is not a great deal, even though it is not unreasonably expensive. Dubai is a destination that many people want to visit, thus the cost is more than justified.

What culture dominates the United Arab Emirates?

The rich culture and heritage of the UAE is a reflection of conventional Arab and Islamic beliefs. The topography and environment also had an impact on lifestyle.

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The FAQs will be of use to you if you are in need of clearing doubts regarding the Dubai events calendar.

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