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For small enterprises, Gmail is an essential tool for mass communication. Many of Gmail's best features, such email lists, group contacts, and other bulk email tools, are obscure and may go unnoticed by users. The group email feature in Gmail can help you avoid a lot of hassle in the long run. Let us now check out the steps to create a group in Gmail app.

You can also send Email to a Gmail group in a few easy steps.

Create Group in Gmail App in 6 simple steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: In the beginning, you have to open your iPhone or your android device.

  • Then visit the menu in your phone and locate the Gmail app icon.
  • Then tap on the Gmail app icon to open it.
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Step 2- Tap on Compose Icon: When you tap on the Gmail icon, the primary inbox page appears.

  • Then you can spot the Compose button in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Compose button.
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Step 3- Tap on Arrow Icon: Once you tap on the Compose button, a new page appears.

  • Then you have to locate the down arrow button in the right side of the To field.
  • Then click on the down arrow.
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Step 4- Enter Emails: Then you have to enter the recipient's Email address in the To field.

  • Then you also have to enter the other recipients' Email in the Cc and the Bcc empty fields.
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Step 5- Enter Subject and Mail: Then spot the empty Subject field below the To field.

  • Then type in the Subject in the empty field.
  • Also, you have to type in your Mail in the specific space that is provided for you to type in the Mail.
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Step 6- Tap on Send Icon: Once you have filled in all your empty fields, like the subject and the mail fields, find the Send icon.

  • The Send icon is on the top right corner of the page.
  • Then finally tap on the Send icon to send your mail instantly.
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This procedure can be repeated to build new groups for other contact sets. A group that you've created will appear on your Google Contacts page under "Labels" on the left sidebar. The number next to each group's name represents how many people are in that group.


On my phone, how can I establish a group email?

Click New Items, More Items, Contact Group, and then Contact Group under Mail's New group under the Home tab's New group. In the Name box, give the contact group a name. Click Add Members in the Members group under the Contact Group menu, and then select either From Outlook Contacts or From Address Book.

How can I start a fresh email list?

If you want to start a new email group quickly, read the instructions below:

  • Select People from the Navigation bar.
  • Select New Contact Group under Home.
  • Type the group name in the Contact Group box.
  • Choose Contact Group > Add Members, and then pick one of the following:…
  • Select OK after adding contacts from your address book or contacts list.
  • Then you have select Save & Close.

Where is the Groups button in the Gmail app?

Click Compose in the upper left corner. Start entering the group name in the "To" column, then choose the group from the list that appears.

How do I enable groups in Gmail?

Register with Google Groups. Click on a group's name. Click Group settings on the left. Collaborative Inbox should be chosen under Enable extra Google Groups features.

If you want then you can find out the easiest way to create a group in Gmail.

What differentiates Gmail from Google Groups?

A Google Group has its own email address, making it possible to share it in our groups directory. This is the main distinction between Gmail and Google Groups.

These FAQs will help you to clear your doubts regarding how to create group in Gmail app.

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