How to Change Gmail Password on Android

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Security issues always occurred when you are using either phone or computer. When you create your Gmail account, in login process  you have to add your password also, Because Some outside intruders or hackers may hack your account, or take over it.

For that, purpose password is included. Password must be change from time to time , for the privacy & security purpose. We are going to discuss some of the steps below, how we can change the Gmail password in android:

How to change Gmail password on android:

  1. Open your Gmail app: Open your Gmail app, in your android phone.
  2. Tap on sign in: Just enter your email id & password and tap on next.
  3. Tap on menu-icon: After, login process you see the  3 white color lines placed horizontally, in the top-right corner. Tap on that.
  4. Choose Settings option: Scroll down, you see the settings option, so just tap on it.
  5. Tap on Email-id: You see your email id like(,Just tap on it.
  6. Choose manage account option: First option you see there is "manage account", tap on it.
  7. Tap on security: While scrolling you find the security option which is in blue-color, tap on it, it will show you many options.
  8. Choose Password: After tapping security, you find the password option there, just tap on that, it will take you to the login process, and you have to enter your password again and tap on next.
  9. Enter new password: Enter your new password and then again confirm it.
  10. Tap on Change password: Tap on change password and your password is now changed.

The password strength should enough strong, so that outsiders can’t hack your account. Just follow the security instructions, and update your password from time to time, your account will be secured.

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