How to Change Font Style in Gmail App

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In Gmail, you may alter the typeface, utilize different font sizes and colours, and add extra formatting. The typeface that is used for each email that you draught in Gmail will be the same. You temporarily change the font styles used in email messages. Let us now check out the steps to change font style in Gmail app.

In addition, you can also change default font size of Gmail app.

Change Font style in Gmail App in 4 easy steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: Open your iPhone or Android smartphone first.

  • Next, access the phone's menu. then look for the Gmail app's icon and press it to open it.
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Step 2- Tap on Compose: Once you open the Gmail app, the primary inbox page appears.

  • In the bottom right corner you can spot the Compose button.
  • Click on the Compose button.
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Step 3- Select Text and Tap on Format: When you tap on the Compose option, a new page appears.

  • Then you have to type in your mail in the Compose Mail field in that new page.
  • After you have finished your typing, select the text you want and tap on the Format option in the box that appears.
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Step 4- Change Style: Then you can choose any format from the options available.

  • Tap on the format you want to change it.
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While typing an email, switching up the font might be helpful because it makes the email look more professional. In the Gmail app, formatting and font styles are incredibly simple to modify. If you want to accomplish it, read this post to learn how to do it quickly and easily.


Can you change the typefaces in Gmail?

Although you can't upload the fonts to Gmail, you may still apply a quick hack to write emails in the fonts of your choice. Even installing dubious third-party software on your office PC is not necessary.

Has Gmail's font changed?

Google began a gradual rollout of a redesigned Gmail over the past week, so chances are good that your Gmail currently looks a little different or will in the near future. The major improvement is to the very left column, which is in addition to the eye-catching new font—Google Sans Text, which is motivated by simple geometries like circles.

Why has my Gmail changed in 2022?

Google claims it wants to make switching between its apps simpler. Google is introducing a brand-new Gmail interface. The upcoming changes include a left-hand menu for quick access to Chat, Spaces, and Meet; simpler filtering to find emails more quickly; and various blue hues.

What is the Gmail default font size?

The font size is set by Google to "Normal," which is best described as a 10-point size, by default. Although Google does not offer the same level of font customization as a word processor, you can reduce the font size by selecting the "Smaller" size option.

How can I fix the typeface on my display?

Firstly, switch to the Control Panel. Click the Display symbol twice. Select the Effects tab under the Display menu, then select the box next to Smooth edges on screen fonts. Then click Apply and then Ok after that.

Here's how you can change font size in Gmail.

These FAQs will help you to get information about changing format in Gmail or anything relating to it.


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