How To Send Videos In Gmail App

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Sending videos with Gmail often involves attaching them to an email. Although this approach is common and traditional, it is not very trustworthy. Unfortunately, Gmail only allows attachments to be 25 MB in size, so you must choose between sacrificing video length or quality. This size restriction will be exceeded in a matter of seconds with an HD movie! Even videos shot in lower resolutions hardly ever last longer than a minute before exceeding 25MB. Let's take a look at How To Send Videos In The Gmail App. 

Send Videos In Gmail App In 4 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: Firstly, you have to open the Gmail app on your mobile device. Locate the app in your app icons.

Step 2: Tap On Compose: After you have opened the app, you will find a compose option at the bottom of your page.

Step 3: Tap On Attachment Icon: Now select the attachment icon which looks like a clip. This option is beside send icon.

Step 4: Select Video From Here: Lastly, select the video from your gallery and tap on it. This will now automatically be attached to your email.

Here you have to make sure that your attachment is not exceeding 25MB. If it does then your video will not be sent. You can also do a video chat in Gmail.


How come I can't transmit videos through Gmail?

Unfortunately, Gmail has a 25MB attachment size limit, so you must choose between sacrificing video quality or duration. In just a few seconds, an HD video will surpass this size restriction!

How can I send big films via email from my phone?

On Android, sharing a link to the video file from Google Photos, where the video is typically instantly synchronized, is the simplest way to transfer a huge movie. The majority of video files are too big to email directly to your contacts.

What is the most effective method for emailing a video?

You can upload a video file to Google Drive and share a link to it with whomever you like. You may also distribute links to the video clip to friends and family using Dropbox and Google Drive. It is that simple.

How can you attach a video to the email?

The majority of emails feature an attachment button that you can use to include a link or an attachment. There is probably a paper clip icon above this button. To add the URL for the video you wish to embed, click on it. The video appears at the bottom of your email once you attach the link.

What is the maximum length of video that an iPhone can send?

Any file up to 5 GB in size can be sent using Mail Drop. This doesn't count toward your allotted iCloud storage. You will lose your file after 30 days.

The questions given above are very useful for you. Moreover, you can also add images in Gmail App. Also, follow the Sirhow page for more information on other guides.

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