How to delete a folder in Gmail

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You can delete a folder in Gmail. It’s very easy to remove the file from your account. You will not lose your mail conversation. The file called label in which we add mail conversation on our preference, will be deleted. So you need to remove particular label from your Gmail account.

Steps to delete a folder in Gmail

How to delete a folder in Gmail through mobile app

  1.  Open the app: Open your Gmail app which is available on Android and IOS network.
  2. Sign in: Sign in with your Gmail account for you want to create folders.
  3. Tap three bars menu: Tap on the three bars menu at the top left corner.
  4. Tap on the particular label: Scroll down and tap on the label, you want to delete. You can see label in labels section.
  5. Tap settings icon: Tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.
  6. Tap delete option: You can now see delete and label’s name at the bottom in red color. Tap on it to delete it. Delete it again when a delete option will be seen again.

How to delete a folder in Gmail On desktop

  1. Open your Gmail: Open Gmail and sign in with your Gmail account.
    delete folder in gmail
  2. Click on the settings bar: Click on the settings icon bar which is at the top right corner.
    delete folder in gmail
  3. Click the ‘settings’ option: Click the option of ‘settings’ in given other options.
    delete folder in gmail
  4. Go to ‘label’: Go to ‘labels’ tab which is the second option in horizontal line at the top.
    delete folder in gmail
  5. Go to your label: Scroll down and click on the particular label, you want to delete. It is located at the below of the option ‘create a label’.
    delete folder in gmail
  6. Click ‘remove’ option: At the right side of the label’s name, you can see the option ‘remove’ and ‘edit’. Click on ‘remove’ option.
    delete folder in gmail
  7. Click ‘delete’: Now click on the delete option to delete the label.
    delete folder in gmail

Don’t worry, you will not lose any mail conversation. Only folder will be delete from the account. Mails will remain same in their sections such as inbox or sent.

How to Manage label

You can directly manage your labels from your home Gmail screen on computer. Scroll down the left bar where you see options like compose, inbox, spams etc. Click on the option ‘manage labels’ in the last.

Your label settings will open and you can do the same which earlier mentioned in with steps for desktop. Follow the steps and remove it from your account. Your label has been deleted without losing any mail conversation.

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