How to Search in Gmail

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You can easily search your emails and folders and anything related in the mail. You can search in Gmail in the search tab. Gmail give the all preferences to you that you can find everything in your Gmail account. It’s available on desktop and mobile app both.

What you can find in your Gmail search? 

  1. You can find your any mail by its name.
  2. You want to find a mail by words then type the word, you have seen in your mail.
  3. Ex. If your mail was about Uber, then type Uber in search tab.
  4. You can search your label. Type the name of your label. If your mail is in any label, you can find the mail through your label.
  5. You can search your old emails in search tab. You can find it through the month and year.
  6. You can find the mails by its size.
  7. You can find the mail by the username or mail address.
  8. You can find the mail by its subject.
  9. You can find the mail by attachment. You can easily sort your mail and find it easily.

So, Gmail give you the options to find out anything easily in your account. It makes your Gmail experience better.

How to search in Gmail?

Let’s understand that how you can use search in Gmail. See these quick steps:

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser in your desktop.
    search in gmail
  2. Open Gmail: Open Gmail and sign in with your Gmail account.
    search in Gmail
  3. Open ‘search’ tab: Click on the search tab at the top of the page. Here, you can search your mail as your preferences. Just type and search it.
    search in Gmail
  4. Click on ‘show search options’: Now click on ‘show search options’ tab at the right with downward sign in search tab. Here, you can find out emails by size, month and year. You can type the words of emails. You can find the emails by subject or attachment.
    search in Gmail

So, that’s how you can use search option in Gmail and get any information about your any mail. You can use search option in your Gmail app. Just tap on search tab at the top right corner and find your mail easily.

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