Write For Us

Are You a  Tech Person?

Then we are looking for you!


What You Have to Do?

  • Give words to the technical explanations by writing how to guides, features, tech settings, tips and tricks, short-cuts, and all things relative!
  • Explain the readers in a simple language how to ace the space of technical world and applications!

Skills Required?

  1. If you find yourself exploring more about the device in your hand, the applications that you use, and experiment with them, then you are the one.
  2. If you are patient and passionate enough to explain your friends and family about a new tech product in market, then you are the one.
  3. If you can teach your grandparent how to use a simple daily-use application, then you are the one.
  4. If you can write clearly, step-by-step, and follow the pattern, in good English, then you are the one.

If you nodded your head on reading at least three of the four points above, join us as a writer. Convert your passion and knowledge for all things technical into something you will enjoy, cherish, and benefit from!  

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