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One of the most popular and widely used free email services is Gmail. Did you know that you can search for emails, contacts, and messages using the search feature on the Gmail platform? In other words, you won't have to sift through tens of thousands of emails and messages in your inbox to find the one you're looking for. This post will show you how to search in the Gmail app.

Here's how you can search in the Gmail app.

Search in Gmail App in 3 easy steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: Initially unlock your Android or iPhone device. The Gmail app icon can then be accessed by visiting the menu on your phone.

  • Subsequently, hit the Gmail app icon to activate it.
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Step 2- Tap on Search Bar: When you open the Gmail app, the primary inbox page opens up. Then you have to spot the search bar on the top of the page.

  • Then tap on the Search bar.
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Step 3- Search anything you want: Then you have to type in whatever you want in the search bar.

  • Finally, you can see the mail that you had been looking for.
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So, that's how you can use Gmail's search feature to find any information regarding any of your mail. Use the search function in your Gmail application. Find your mail quickly by tapping the Search tab in the top right corner.


How does the Gmail mobile app search?

On your Android tablet or phone, open the Gmail app. In the search bar at the top, select Mail Search. Enter the search criteria. In the filter row, under the search box, choose the label you wish to search in after adjusting your search filters.

How can I conduct a Gmail search for a certain email?

Follow these instructions to search for a certain email in Gmail:

  • Go to Gmail on your PC.
  • Enter your search criteria in the top search box.
  • Enter the key. The emails will appear in a list.
  • Use the search operators in the Search Box or the search filter chips beneath the Search Box to further refine your search.

Can I use the Gmail app's advanced search feature?

Gmail's sophisticated search filters are not accessible through mobile apps, unlike chips. It's the only significant feature missing from the robust Gmail iOS and Android apps. From the Gmail settings page on the internet, you may create as many filters as you like and manage them.

Where has Gmail's search bar vanished to?

Both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail have a search bar that is prominently displayed at the top of the screen. In fact, you can't get rid of it if you're using a desktop website because it's always there.

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How do I use my iPhone to search Gmail by date?

Use the search term after YYYY/MM/DD to identify emails sent after a particular date. In order to retrieve emails from, say, September 1st, 2021, type Before:2021/09/01 or After: 2021/09/01 into the search field, respectively, and press Enter. To find emails between two dates, you can mix the two keywords.

These FAQs will help you to know in detail how to search for an Email in the Gmail app.

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