How to Change Swipe Action in Gmail App

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Do you want to know how to Change Swipe Action in Gmail App. Swipe action is one of the most time-saving features of Gmail. With swipe action you can quickly take an action on an email. You can swipe delete an email, swipe archive an email, or even mark your emails as read or unread with swipe actions. But for that you need to learn how to Change Swipe Action. Read this article to get guidance.

Change Swipe Action in Gmail App: 7 Steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: You need to open your Gmail app. If you do not have this app, get it from Playstore.

  • But if you don't want to use the app at all, we recommend you access Gmail online through any search engine.
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Step 2- Tap on Three Horizontal Lines: The second step is pretty easy. Just find the three horizontal lines in the top left of your screen.

  • Click on these horizontal lines.
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Step 3- Tap on Settings: In the drop down menu, you will see several options like Calendar, Contacts, Help and Feedback etc. From this menu, you need to click on the option Settings.

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Step 4- Tap on General Settings: Once you see on Settings, you will see the option General settings.

  • Click on General settings.
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Step 5- Tap on Swipe Action: In the fifth step, you need to tap on the option Swipe actions. You will find this option just above Default Reply Action.

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Step 6- Tap on change: In step no. 6, you will see the option Change on your screen. You will see it in blue text in the top right.

  • Click on Change.
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Step 7- Select any Option: Once you click on Change, you will see several options like Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread etc. From this list:

  • Click on Archive.
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This simple guide having 7 steps will help you understand how you can Change Swipe Action in Gmail App. Likewise, if you want to know how you can change archive to delete in Gmail app , try doing it in a few steps with the article linked here.


What does swipe action mean on Gmail?

Swipe action is the feature on Gmail which lets you take an action on any email with just a swipe.

What all can I do with the swipe action?

With the swipe action, you can archive, delete, mute, mark your emails unread/read with just a swipe of your thumb.

What is the primary benefit of swipe action?

The major benefit of swipe action is that it saves you time by letting you take an action on an email within seconds.

I want to change the swipe settings to mark as read. How can I do it?

That's easy. For that, you need to follow the same steps till step number 7 in this article after which you need to click on Mark as read instead of archive.

Can I reply to emails with swipe action?

No, you cannot reply to emails with swipe action.

These FAQs will help you Change Notification in Gmail App. Try Changing Notification in Gmail App today!


Change Swipe Action Setting Gmail App on iPhone

In the Gmail app, by default, swiping left or right on an email will send it to "Archive," which will hide it from the inbox view but leave it in the mailbox. Gmail users can choose a different action when making the swiping gesture. By tapping the hamburger menu button, you may customize Gmail's swipe actions. Then, select "Settings" after scrolling to the bottom. Choose "Mail swipe actions" next, then tap on either "Right swipe" or "Left swipe" to choose a new action from the list. Now let's see how to swipe-delete emails in Gmail.

Step 1: Open Gmail: Firstly, you have to open the Gmail app on your mobile device. If you don’t find the app, you can check it in your app icons.

Step 2: Click On Menu: Next, you have to press on the menu option which is on the right side of your page.

Step 3: Tap On Settings: From there, now click the settings option.

Step 4: Press On Inbox Customisations: Here you will find the "Inbox Customisations" option. Now click on it to select.

Step 5: Tap On Email Swipe Actions: After that press on the email actions option.

Step 6: Select On Right Swipe Action: If you want right swipe actions you can click the "Right swipe" option.

Step 7: Tap On Bin: Lastly, you have to click on the "bin" option.

Thus, if you change the swipe action in the Gmail app, you can easily archive emails with just a swipe. Let's check out the below questions and answers.


How can I choose every email to delete in Gmail for mobile?

You can click Delete to remove them from the page. If the emails you want to remove are spread across multiple pages, selecting them will only highlight one page at a time. Select all talks by clicking the link to highlight every conversation and erase it all at once. then click Delete

In the Gmail app for the iPhone, how can I mass delete?

On your iPhone or iPad, select delete emails.

  • If you want to access your Inbox, open Mail.
  • Now select the emails you want to delete one at a time by tapping.
  • After that, select All or Edit in the top-right corner.
  • Lastly, swipe down through the checkboxes to rapidly choose several emails. Select archive. 

Can I delete everything in the Gmail app?

Firstly, launch Gmail on your computer. The Gmail app does not allow you to delete every message. Select all of the messages on the page by checking the box at the top left. Select all discussions, which is an option if you have more than 25 messages

How do I set up emails to be deleted just with one swipe?

On an Android smartphone, open Gmail and tap the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the screen to change swipe actions. When you reach the bottom, select "Settings" and then "General settings." Next, select "Swipe actions."

How do I enable swipe controls on an Android device?

Firstly, open the Settings app. Select Display settings after navigating the menu. Open the Navigation bar option by looking for it. Now you can enable your Swipe actions.

Also, you delete all emails from one sender in Gmail app. Follow, Sirhow's page for more guides like this. 

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