How to Filter Emails in Gmail

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Most people have their accounts on Gmail. Gmail is the most powerful and efficient, which provide you a very different and the useful tools, one of them is filters. Filters are basically used to do some type of actions on the sender email, such a deletion, mark as read, block the sender.

How to Setup Gmail Filters

Filter Emails in Gmail

Sometimes your inbox is full of unread emails, filters will help you to keep unwanted emails out of your face, and prioritize important emails on the top. So, we are going to discuss how we can filter email in Gmail in steps:

Filter emails in Gmail- Method-1

These are the steps:

  1. Open Gmail: Open your Gmail in browser.
  2. Complete the sign in: Enter you email id and password. Complete the sign in process.
  3. Click on show search options: At the end of search bar you see the search show options icon, which is in triangular shape, click on that.
  4. Enter e-mail address of other: After clicking, a box will appear, in which the first word is (From) just enter the email-id of other person and click on create filter.
  5. Perform the action: After clicking, you see the number of options, choose according to your choice, and then click on create filter.

  How to filter emails in Gmail on Desktop

These are the steps to filter Emails in Gmail.

  1. Open the browser: Just open the browser, type and press enter.
  2. Complete the sign in: Enter your email id and password. Click on sign in.
  3. Click on Settings icon: On the top-right corner, you see the settings icon, a drop-down menu is generated, you see the setting option there, click again on that option.
  4. Go through General settings: After clicking, you see the general settings option, just scroll down with your mouse, you could easily see the filters and blocked option in header menu.
  5. Click on Filters and Blocked address: Click on filters and blocked address option.
  6. Click on Create new filter: You see in the center, a create new filter option, which is blue in color, just click on it.
  7. Fill the details in box: After clicking, a box will generate, Just fill the email-id of person in the (From) section, and click on create filter.
  8. Create filter: After clicking, you see the number of actions, select from your choice and then click on create filter. Now, your filter has been created.

Whenever you filter the emails in Gmail, the filter is always active, will perform the action and the change can be noticed, when you receive the email from that email-id. The actions may move the email, if you select that option, mark that email as read, archive it, star it, mark it as an important.

So, there are numbers of actions that can be performed. This tool helps to create a space in your Gmail account and you could easily read the emails of your preferences.

Filters can be only added over the desktop, android phone does not support these features, so it’s better to open your Gmail in browser. Hope, this article will help you.

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