How to Mark All as Read in Gmail

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when you open your Gmail account you can easily see the numbers of read or unread emails there. Sometimes, we are unable to read every email, some of them are regarding the shopping, adds, offers etc. we don’t prefer to read all this email, So that’s why we usually ignore them.

Due to these unwanted mails, we could not read the mails which is actually for our purpose. But you have another option through which you can mark all as read in Gmail, We are going to discuss that procedure step by step:

How to mark all as read in Gmail on desktop

  1. Open your browser: open the web browser, type in the search bar and click on the search icon.
  2. Complete the sign in: Just enter your Email id with the password and then click on Next.
  3. Click on three-dots menu: After login, just near the refresh icon you see the three-dots menu placed horizontally, click on that.
  4. Choose mark all as read: After clicking, you see the two options, click on the first one that is mark all as read.
  5. All mark as read: Now, you see all the emails marked as read.

There is another way to mark all your emails as read

  1. Just click on all mail selector icon which is just nearby refresh icon.
  2. After clicking, you see a drop-down icon is attached with selector, just click on it.
  3. A list appears, in which you see a read option, click on that. It marks all as read.

How to mark all as read in Gmail on Mobile

You can't mark all as read in Gmail app, some of the features are not supported on the Gmail App. You have to sign in from your browser then you can do it. On the phone, you can only mark one mail as a read. The maximum limit is 100 to mark the all mails as a read.

As you have many unread emails in your Gmail account, So when someone sends you the new email, it will be difficult for you to knew that you have received a new mail. So, it’s better to mark your rest of emails as read.

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