How to Change Default Font Size of Gmail App

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Do you feel the text seems too small in your Gmail? If yes, then change default font size Gmail and make the text comfortable to read. Sometimes, we are habituated with larger fonts. It feels easy and comfortable to read when the font size is larger. So, to do that for Gmail, follow the steps ahead.

This guide will tell you how to change default font size that you view on your own device. To change font size in Gmail inbox of the text you send, there is other way.

How to change font size on Gmail

Change Default Font Size in Gmail in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Phone Settings: To update the default size on your device, you need to go to the device settings. It is a default application in all the devices. So, you will surely find it.

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Step-2 Open Display Settings: Under settings, there are varied options. They are mostly common for all kinds of devices. Everyone has settings for sounds and vibration, themes, wallpaper, connections and network, privacy, security, and alike.

Changing default font size means changing the display feature of your phone, right? So, go to the display settings.

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Step-3 Open Font size Option: Under the display category, there is an option of Fonts, Font Size, or Font Size and Style. You will find something similar to these words on your device. So, once you pinpoint it, click on that.

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Step-4 Change Default to Larger or Smaller: You will see a bar as shown in the image below. The default size is usually medium. To change default font size Gmail, increase or decrease by sliding the point in this kind of a bar.

You might even have options like small, medium, large, extra-large, instead of this kind of slider bar. Choose the option accordingly as per your requirements.

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Step-5 Check the Font Size in Gmail App: Go to the Gmail application and observe the changes. If you feel there is a need to make changes, then follow the similar steps until you find a right font size.

Following two images show you the difference when you change default font size Gmail.

Image Titled Change Default Font Size In Gmail Step 5

Is It Changed for Others Too When I Mail Them?

No, this change happens only on your device. This is specifically to adjust with your comfort of reading. If you like larger fonts, you can increase the size. But if you want them to be smaller, you can do so too. Your comfort is at the center, nothing else!

My Inbox gets Filled Up and Cannot Find Important Mails!

In this scenario, you can delete old emails on Gmail. No matter how large you keep your fonts, if the mailbox is stuffed with unnecessary and promotional emails you will never find your important email. Then, you will keep losing on important communications overall promotional mails. So, keep your mailbox tidy by regularly deleting old emails. You also need to be careful while doing so.

One trick to not delete important emails is to star them right away. Whenever you receive some important email, star it. Like this, you will not delete it and will be able to locate it in the separate folder of starred emails.

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