How to Change Password in Gmail App

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If you have decided to change your password on the Gmail app, it reflects positively on you. Changing passwords regularly is a healthy practice that protects your accounts from hackers. If you are wondering how you can change your password in Gmail App, this article helps you exactly with that. Log in to your Gmail account and execute the 6 steps below.

Change Password in Gmail App: 6 Steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: The first step is to open the Gmail app. You can go to the Gmail app on your device. If you do not have the app already, try downloading it from Playstore.

  • Alternatively, you can access Gmail online through any search engine.
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Step 2- Tap on Profile Icon: The second step is to open your profile icon. You will find the profile icon in the top right of your screen.

  • Profile icon is nothing but a small version of your profile picture.
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Step 3- Tap on Manage Accounts: The third step requires you to find the option Manage your Google account. You will see this option after you click on your profile icon.

  • Click on Manage your Google Account.
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Step 4- Slide and Go to Security: In the fourth step, you need to click on Security. This option will appear after you select Manage your Google Account.

  • Click on Security.
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Step 5- Tap on Password: In the second last step, find the option Password. This will be visible under the heading Signing into Google.

  • Click on Password.
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Step 6- Enter New Password and Tap on Change Password: As the last step, enter a new password in the space that has been provided to you. In the final stage, click on Change password.

  • You will see the Change password option in a blue button at the bottom.
  • With this, you have changed your Gmail password.
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This 6-step guide will help you understand how you can change your password on Gmail. Additionally, if you are eager to learn how you can create an email list from Gmail, you can do it in a few simple ways. Read ahead to know more about changing passwords on Gmail.


What happens when I reset my password?

When you reset your password, you will be logged out of everywhere.

Can I use a password I have already used?

That's not right. You cannot and should not use a password that has already been used by you. When you do so, Gmail will tell you that you're using an old password.

What is a recovery email address?

A recovery email address is an address that helps you get your security notifications.

Are my Gmail and Google passwords the same?

That's right, your Gmail and Google passwords are the same.

Can I change my password multiple times?

That's right, you can change your password multiple times. But if you do it too many times, Gmail might ask you additional questions for verification.

These FAQs might add more to your pre-existing knowledge of Changing Passwords in the Gmail App.

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