How to View Attachments in Gmail App

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You can preview most file attachments, such as images, audio files, PDFs, and video clips, without taking up any disc space on your computer. When there are attachments that you don't need to save, this function is useful. Now let us check the steps to view attachments in the Gmail app.

Here's how you can download attachments in the Gmail app in iPhone.

View Attachment in Gmail App in 4 simple steps

Step 1- Open Gmail App: In the beginning, you have to open your iPhone or your android device.

  • The next step is to navigate the menu on your phone to the Gmail app icon. Then tap the Gmail app's icon to start it.
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Step 2- Open Email with Attachment: When the Gmail app opens, a primary inbox page is visible.

  • Then you have to scroll through the primary inbox page and spot an Email with an attachment.
  • Then tap on that Email with the attachment to open it.
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Step 3- Download Attachment: Once you have tapped on the Email it opens up.

  • Then you have to download the attachment in the Email by clicking on the Download icon in the bottom right corner of the attachment.
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Step 4- Scroll Down Notification Bar and Tao on Downloaded File: After that, you have to pull down the notification bar.

  • Then you can check out that the downloaded file is in the notification bar.
  • Finally, tap on the downloaded file to open it.
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Google Drive can also simply incorporate email attachments. Save the attachment to your Google account if you don't want it to occupy space on your hard drive. With this feature, you can delete the email yet keep the attachment, and access it anytime and wherever you like.


How can I view an email attachment?

An email message with an attachment will appear in your message window with a paperclip icon next to it. Double-click the file seen in the message itself after selecting the message that has an attachment. The compatible computer program will launch the attachment automatically. Then you can read, edit and print it.

Why am I unable to open email attachments?

One of the most frequent causes of not being able to open an email attachment is a lack of software on your computer that can detect the file format.

How do I download a Gmail attachment?

An attachment can also be saved or downloaded from within an email. Place your mouse over the attachment thumbnail in the mail after opening it. Icons for Download and Add to Drive will then show up.

In addition, you can also attach an Email in Gmail.

Why won't attachments in Gmail download?

Delete the cookies and browser cache. Cache and cookies help to speed up processes, but they can also become corrupted over time. As a result, it occasionally has an impact on how well your browser or app performs, which can lead to issues like Gmail attachments that won't download.

Where are downloaded attachments saved in Gmail?

Additionally, you can save and download email attachments from your Gmail emails. Messages and attachments that have been downloaded are typically saved in the Downloads folder on your device, where they are conveniently accessible.

These FAQs will help you to know more about how to view attachments in the Gmail app.

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