How To Get Gmail App To Open Links In Safari

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When someone has sent you a link in an email, you can not only open it in Google Chrome, but you can also open it in Safari. On all of your Apple devices, Safari offers the best Internet browsing experience. You may surf however you like, whenever you like, because it offers strong customization choices, strong privacy protections, and optimised battery life. It is also the quickest browser in the world in terms of speed. Now let's see how to get the Gmail app to open links in Safari.

Get Gmail App To Open Links In Safari In 4 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: Step 1: On your mobile phone, you have to first open your Gmail application. You can find this app in your app icon.

Step 2: Open Email: Next, you have to tap on your Gmail application to open it. This will lead you to open all your emails that you have received. From there, tap on the particular Gmail link that you have to copy.

Step 3: Tap On URL Link: Thirdly, you have to copy the link, which you will find there.

Step 4: Select Safari : This link now needs a browser to open. It will present two options, one for Google Chrome and one for Safari. Select Safari to open the page there.

You can also add a link in Gmail App just like the one you got in your inbox. Now let's see some other related questions and answers about this topic.


How do I get links in Gmail to open in Safari?

It can be modified in Gmail's settings. In the top-left corner, tap to reveal the Gmail side menu. Open the browser in Settings > Default Apps. Here you may set Chrome, Google, or Safari as the default online browser for links in Gmail on your iPhone and switch on or off the "Ask me which app to use every time" option.

Why won't Safari open the links in my emails?

Get rid of website data.   Clearing webpage data will improve Safari performance and may solve this problem if you're still having trouble with the links. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website on your device. You must confirm once more by pressing Clear History.

Why do links in Safari not work?

Reload the page and check your internet connection.

Sometimes a broken network connection prevents Safari from opening a page. Check the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar of your Mac. Identify its connection. To verify the connection, you may also try using a different device linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

How can I set Safari as my iPhone's default browser for Gmail?

Scroll down in Settings until you see the email app or the browser app. Next, select Default Browser App or Default Mail App by tapping the app first. To set a web browser or email programme as the default, choose one. It displays a checkmark to signify that it is the default.

How can I make Safari open links rather than apps?

After a few seconds, a menu will show up if you "long press" the link (keep your finger on the link while waiting). Opening the link in Safari should be an option on the menu.

Another thing that Gmail allows is that you can link two Gmail accounts here. Also follow Sirhow page for more such guides.

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