How To Delete Search History In Gmail App

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The search and search history functionality in Gmail is one of the most useful tools. But that doesn't always imply you'll never wish to clear your Gmail search history. There are several justifications for this. It doesn't matter if that's because a search term—or search terms—were input wrongly and are now taking up too much space in the search's automatic suggestions. Or perhaps there have already been too many searches, which is the case. Let's see how to delete search history in Gmail App.

Delete Search History In Gmail App In 6 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail: First, all you need to do is to open the Gmail account. After opening the app go to your inbox.

Step 2: Tap On Menu: Once you have opened the app, you will find three parallel lines on the left side of your page. Now click on it.

Step 3: Tap On Settings: Thirdly, choose the settings option from the new set of options.

Step 4: Tap On Data Privacy: After clicking on the settings option, you will now see the data privacy option. Now click on it to select.

Step 5: Tap On Clear Search History: From the data privacy option, click on the "Clear Search History" option. This option will allow you to delete your search history.

Step 6: Tap On Clear: Lastly Click on "Clear" once again to make sure that you are ready to do this.

So, this is quite easy to do. Also, you can search in Gmail App to find a particular email and then delete it.


Does Gmail keep a record of searches?

Your Web and app activity, which also includes activity from other Google services, includes your search history and is saved to your Google Account.

Is deleted search history can still be viewed by others?

The private history files are actually still on your computer even after you have deleted them. Also, anyone can access and retrieve them using free online file recovery software.

Why should I remove the searches I've made in Gmail?

There are numerous individual factors. The privacy issue is the main one, but it is also inconvenient to see all of your search terms anytime you use the search box. Some folks prefer to keep things organized and only leave relevant queries.

How can I make my search history disappear?

Navigate to My Activity > Search History on your computer. At the top or left corner, you can find the controls. Click Turn off on the "Web & App Activity" card. Web & App Activity is disabled, and your search history isn't stored in your Google Account if you select "Turn on."

Private browsing: how private is it?

While private browsing keeps your searches and browsing behavior hidden from other computer users, it doesn't prevent tracking of your activity. Your internet activity is not hidden from third parties like the websites you visit, advertising, ISPs, the government, or hackers when you use private browsing.

These simple questions and answers will clear your topic more. Also, you can search for trash in Gmail App and can recover it.

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