How To Mark Email As Unread In Gmail App

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You can quickly mark an email as unread if you wish to delay acting on it after receiving it. As a result, when you check your unread messages again, it will stand out as unread messages, allowing you to take the necessary action. The Gmail mobile software for Android and iOS users offers the option to designate email messages as unread. As a result, even if you have already opened a message, you may still use this function to identify the messages that still require your attention. Here's how to mark the email as unread in the Gmail App.

Mark Email As Unread In Gmail App In 4 Steps

Step 1: Open Gmail : In your very first step, choose the Gmail app from your app icon to open it. Next, log in to your Gmail account. Next, you have to do in to log in to your email account.

Step 2: Select And Long Press: After that, you will find all your emails there in your inbox. Now select the message that you want to unread.

Step 3: Click On Mail Icon: After long pressing on the email, you must click on the mail icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Step 4: Email Marked As Unread Successfully: Lastly, you have clicked on the option that says "Mark as unread," and the email is now successfully marked as unread.

By following these simple steps, you can now easily unread your emails. Also, you can block someone on the Gmail app if you think they are disturbing you by sending unwanted messages.


In the Gmail app, how can I locate unread emails?

If you haven't already, open the Gmail app or desktop version on your computer and log in. In the Search field, type is:unread and press the Enter key. All of your unread messages from Gmail will appear at the top of the list.

Why does the Gmail application not display unread messages?

Ensure that you are wearing this badge because it can be switched off. Select Settings > General settings > Manage notifications > Show badge on Home Screen icons from the Gmail app's Inbox by tapping the Menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the upper left of the screen.

Is Mark visible to the other person as unread?

Only you can mark something as unread. This makes it clear that the message is fresh and demands your attention. The sender will nevertheless be able to see that you have previously read the communication.

What does Gmail's "mark as unread" feature mean?

You can mark a communication as unread if you want to remember to read it later. Messages can also be marked as read without being opened.

Is it possible to choose more than 50 emails in Gmail?

In Gmail, you can select "Every Email." Find the option that says "Select all conversations in Primary" to choose more than 50 emails from your inbox to be deleted.

With these generally raised questions, this article now comes to an end. Also, you can delete unread emails in the Gmail app to make more space for your other important emails.

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