How to Invite on Paytm App

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If someone in your contact or your friend is not using Paytm and you want them to join the paytm application you can invite them. You can easily invite on Paytm by just following the steps given below. You also get a different type of rewards if the person you invited download the paytm application. There are different types of referral programmes from which you can win a number of gifts and paytm cash.

Steps to invite on Paytm App

1. Open the Paytm application: On your Android device, you will see a white and blue-ish icon with Paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the paytm application. Tap on it to open your Paytm application.

Invite on Paytm App

2. Go to Settings: On the top left corner of the paytm application, you will see three horizontal parallel lines. Tap on it to open the side settings bar on your paytm application. Invite on Paytm App

3. Tap on your "Profile": On the sidebar which will open from the left side of the window, you will see your profile name with your profile picture. Tap on it to open your paytm profile. Invite on Paytm App

4. Tap on "Invite on Paytm" option: Scroll down the page and you will see an "Invite on Paytm" option. Tap on this option and then you will be able to send paytm invitations to your friends. Invite on Paytm App

You can Choose from the number of options.

5. You can tweet and invite: A pop-up will appear with a number of means by which you can share the paytm invitation link. Tap on the "Tweet" option to share the link on your twitter account. There are other options like Messages, Gmail, and others. Invite on Paytm App

6. Tap on "Messaging": You will also see a Messaging option by which you can send an SMS to your friends and contacts to send an invitation link for the paytm application. Invite on Paytm App

7. Insert the name or number of the recipient: Now you have to enter the name of the contact or the number of the person you want to invite on paytm application. The more you invite people the greater the chance of getting rewards. Invite on Paytm App

8. Tap on the SIM from which you want to send SMS: After entering the name or the number of the people you want to invite you can now tap on the SIM from which you want to send the SMS. Invite on Paytm App

As soon as people start installing and using the paytm application you will get different types of monetary and non-monetary rewards. The contacts you send the invitation will also get some the benefits like Cashbacks and many others. You can also invite your friends to do mobile recharge and earn paytm cash rewards. There are also other referral programs like paytm mall referral program and also you can earn by inviting near by shop owners to accept paytm and earn rewards.

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