How to Recharge jio with Paytm

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Learn how to recharge jio with Paytm here. Paytm has eased so many ways and saved time and effort. Once you have created a Paytm account, then you are free to avail numerous services and offers. Since you can recharge any mobile number irrespective of the operator it holds using the Paytm app. However, to specifically understand how to recharge the jio number with Paytm. Check this article!

How to do mobile recharge of jio with paytm

Recharge Jio With Paytm With 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Paytm app: You have to start by going to the Paytm app icon on your device. Then click on it and open the Paytm App on your screen.

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Step-2 Tap on mobile recharge: Once the homepage of the Paytm app appears on your screen. Then go to the mobile recharge. Next, click on it.

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Step-3 Choose your number to recharge or type your number manually: Now you will have your contact list and your number on your screen.

  • You can also type the number above you want to recharge.
  • Then it will automatically recognize the operator of the selected number.
  • Lastly, tap on the recharge option.
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Step-4 Select the suitable jio plan: The recharge option will open up several Jio plans on your screen. You have to select the suitable jio plan for your selected number.

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Step-5 Click on pay: Once the plan is selected then you have to click on Pay. Make sure to recheck the plan details carefully to avoid further regrets.

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Step-6 Select the option to pay and then pay securely: Lastly, make the payment. Choose the mode of payment. Then click on pay securely. Therefore, you have successfully recharged your jio number using the paytm app.

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Can You Apply The Promo code For Your Jio Recharge On Paytm?

Yes, you can add a promo code while recharging your jio number using Paytm. All you have to do is before paying tap on apply promo code. Select one promo code and then tap on applying. The promo code will be applied to your jio plan amount. Hence, you will now have deducted the jio plan amount to pay.

Can You Get a Subscription to Jio Tv And Jio Cinema With Jio Recharge Using Paytm?

Yes, you can get a free subscription to Jio Tv and Jio Cinema with jio plan recharge using Paytm. You can check the validity of the subscription of Jio tv and jio cinema in the plan of jio on Paytm. However, some of the jio recharge plans don't give a subscription to Jio Tv or Jio cinema. So it is better to check the plan carefully before selecting it.

Can You Recharge Jio Number Using Credit Card Using Paytm App?

Yes, you can pay from your credit card for jio number recharge on Paytm. All you need to do is add your credit card to your Paytm account. Then select the credit card while making the payment for jio recharge. In this way, you can use your credit card for payments of recharge on Paytm.






Another Method

Paytm has made everything easy and one of its such features is recharging Jio with the Paytm application. You can easily recharge jio with Paytm with just ease of some clicks. Almost everyone is using jio nowadays and they all need to recharge it frequently. This guide will you to recharge your Jio with the Paytm application.

Steps to recharge jio with Paytm:

1. Open the Paytm application: First of all, on your Android device, you will see a white logo with Paytm written on it just tap on it to launch your Paytm application. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

2. Tap on "Mobile Prepaid": On the main page of the Paytm application you will see a "Mobile prepaid" option. Just tap on it to recharge you Jio. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

3. Enter your Jio mobile number: Now in the box just enter your Jio ten-digit mobile number. You can also select a mobile number from your contacts by just tapping on the contacts logo on the right side of the box.

Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

4. Enter the Amount by which you want to recharge: In the amount, box enter the amount by which you want to recharge your jio number. You can also browse plans by tapping on the "Browse Plans" options. It is a better option to browse new plans as it may get you a better deal than your regular recharge amount. Also, Jio has very cheap plans that you can choose from. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

5. Tap on Proceed to Recharge: After entering the amount or choosing from the plans you can tap on the "Proceed to Recharge" option at the bottom of the page. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

6. Tap on Proceed to Pay: You can choose from a wide range of coupons some of the coupons are paid and some are unpaid. You can use these coupons in so many ways. If you have a Promo code then tap on "Have a Promo code" and enter the code to get discounts. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

Keep your Debit/Credit card handy if you are paying through it.

7. Tap on Pay now: You can choose to pay from your Paytm wallet if you have enough amount or else you can choose to pay from your Debit/Credit card also there are other available options. Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

8. Success Status: After your payment is completed you will get a Success status after which your recharge will be done.

Recharge your mobile number using paytm app

Paytm gives you a number of offers and cashback so keep your Paytm application updated to get the latest offers. You can also see our guide on How to Recharge Mobile Phones through Paytm if you want to recharge some other mobile number.

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