How to Pay Water Bills using Paytm App

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Remember the old days when paying the water bill was a big task? You have to go to the government office stand in big queues but the scenario is different now. You can pay water bills using Paytm sitting at your home. You just need a paytm application and that's it. Follow the steps given below and you will easily be able to pay the water bill.

Steps to pay water bills using Paytm

1. Launch the Paytm application: Firstly on your Android tap on the paytm logo, it's the white icon with paytm written on it. Open the paytm application. Pay water bill using paytm app

2. Tap on "More": On the main page of the paytm application you will see a "More" option. The more option will be accompanied by four boxes icon. Tap on that option to load more options of the paytm application.


3. Tap on "Water": You will see a water option with a water tap icon under the Recharge and Bill Payment section. Tap on it to pay your Water bill options. There will be also different options like Landline, Cable TV and others. You need to tap on the water option. Pay water bill using paytm app

Keep your Water Bill Handy.

4. Choose your Water Board: There are different boards in different cities which provide us with the facility of Water. We need to choose the Board of ur city in order to pay our water bill. For example, if you live in Delhi you need to Tap on the "Delhi Jal Board". Pay water bill using paytm app

5. Enter your Consumer/RR. number: In the box given you will need to enter your Consumer or else the RR. number if you don't know where these numbers are you can tap on the "View Sample Bill" option present just next to the box. Pay water bill using paytm app

6. Tap on "Proceed": After you are done entering the consumer number and ensuring it's entered correctly you can tap on the "Proceed" option. Pay water bill using paytm app

7. Tap on "Proceed to Pay": Now we need to pay the bill amount for that just tap on the proceed to pay option. You can also choose the "Fast Forward" option to directly land on the payment page. Pay water bill using paytm app

8. Choose Coupons and tap on proceed to pay: Also there will be a list of the coupons some of which are paid and some are unpaid. Choose the coupons and then tap on the "Proceed to Pay" option. Pay water bill using paytm app

9. Tap on "Pay now": If you have money in your paytm wallet you can choose to pay with your paytm wallet or else there are also other option likes Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking and other. Choose any one of them to pay your amount.

Make sure to keep your Debit/Credit Card handy if you are paying by card.

Pay water bill using paytm app

10. Wait for the Success Status: After your payment is successfully done you will see a success status and also you can download the payment receipt. Pay water bill using paytm app

It's that easy paying your water bill using the paytm application. Also, you get different coupons while paying bills which you can use while paying the bills next time. There are also a lot of cashback offers which you can apply while paying the water bill.

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