How to Check Inbox on Paytm App

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You can get the latest updates about the trending topics and also play some fun games for paytm money. You can easily check inbox on Paytm with the help of steps given below. It's a really helpful feature as you are updated about the latest offer on different products and stay in touch with the latest trends. Also, playing games can also win some of the paytm money for you. Follow the steps:

Steps to Check Inbox on Paytm

1. Launch the Paytm Application on your Phone: First of all, on your android device, you will find a white icon with paytm written on it. Just tap on to open up the paytm application. Make sure your Internet is on.

Check inbox on Paytm App

2. Tap on "Inbox": On the main page of the paytm application at the bottom right corner, you will see an "Inbox" option with a message logo with it. Just tap on it to open your Paytm Inbox and check inbox. Check inbox on Paytm App

3. Tap on Games: If you want to play some games on paytm you can tap on the "Games" tab which will be present at the top. You may win some coupons or paytm money by playing the games. Also, if you are bored you can play for passing your time. They have a great collection of trending games. Check inbox on Paytm App

4. Tap on "For You": To get the latest news about the trending topic you can tap on the "For you" option which is just next to the "Games" tab. You will get news and updates from different platforms like mirror now, etc.

Check inbox on Paytm App

It's really a good feature of paytm wherein you can stay in touch with the latest updates and also play games. You may also different type of offers if you stay updated on the inbox thing. Make sure your Paytm application is updated in order to use this feature you will need an updated application.

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