How to Complete KYC in Paytm Online

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It's really important for a Paytm user to complete the KYC in order to use the paytm application smoothly and pay other paytm users. You can also go to the nearby KYC stores and complete the KYC. Just follow the step by step guide given below to complete KYC in paytm online. You can complete the KYC by just sitting at your home. Follow the steps given below.

How to do Paytm KYC from Home

Steps to complete KYC in Paytm online

1. Launch the Paytm application: First of all, on your Android device, you will see a white-colored icon with paytm written on it. Just tap on the white icon to open the paytm application. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines: You will see three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the main page of the paytm application. Just tap on it and a sidebar will be opened with a number of options on it.


3. Go to your Profile: By tapping on the ">" icon you can go to your profile. So just tap on the icon which is present just next to your profile photo and profile name. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

4. Tap on Active Now: If your KYC is not completed you will be shown an Activate now option. Just tap on the Activate Now option to complete the KYC for your Paytm number. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

5. Choose the Document you would like to submit: Now from the list of the documents, for example, PAN card, Passport, Voter ID, etc. You will need to choose one of the documents which you will submit to complete the online KYC for your paytm. In this case we will choose the Driving License. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

6. Enter the Driving License number: As in this case, we have chosen the driving license. Therefore, you will need to enter the driving license number. You may need to enter different numbers depending upon the document you choose. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

7. Enter the Name: Now enter the name and ensure that its the exact name which is written on your driving license.


8. Tap on the confirmation: Before continuing to next step you will need to check the checkbox which says that the information entered by you is correct and as per you ID which you chose. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

9. Tap on the Submit button: After entering all the necessary details you can now finally tap on the Submit button which is present at the bottom of the page. Just tap on it to continue to the next step. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

10. Success Message: After everything is verified you will get driving license details submitted message with a green tick beside it. Although all of the features will be not unlocked for that you may have to Upgrade Account.


11. Tap on Upgrade Account & Unlock Benefits: Now if you want to unlock all the benefits of the paytm application just tap on the Upgrade Account & Unlock Benefits option present at the bottom of the page.


12. Tap on Complete your Full KYC & Unlock Benefits option: Finally, tap on the Complete your Full KYC & Unlock Benefits option which is present at the bottom of the page and unlock all the features of the paytm application.


13. Tap on Nearby KYC point option: Now tap on the ">" icon to see all the nearest KYC centers where you can complete your full KYC. complete-kyc-in-paytm-online

14. Choose from the list: Now a list will be shown with a number of shops where you can complete your KYC.


Finally, your KYC will be completed on the store and you can, therefore, use all the features of the paytm application, for example, Send money to friends using the paytm application, you can also transfer money to the bank and also open a saving paytm account. Hence you can also keep up balance up to 1 lakh rupees after you paytm KYC is complete.

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