How to Check Paytm Wallet Balance

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We always don't remember our paytm wallet balance and it really gets difficult to remember the paytm wallet balance. But the good news is you can easily check Paytm balance. Just follow step by step guide given below to check your paytm balance. You can also add money to your paytm wallet very easily.

Steps to check Paytm balance:

1. Open the Paytm application: Firstly on your Android Device, you will see a white icon with paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the paytm application. Tap on to open up your Paytm application.

Check Paytm balance

2. Tap on Passbook: Now after your paytm application is launched make sure you are logged in. Now tap on the Passbook option on the top of the main page of the paytm application. Check Paytm balance

3. Tap on Paytm wallet: You can now see your paytm balance under the paytm wallet option. If you want to see the detailed transaction list just tap on the Paytm wallet option. Check Paytm balance

There are a lot of things which you can do using your paytm wallet balance like pay electricity bill, pay traffic challan, recharge Jio, book bus tickets and many other things. Therefore you should always keep some balance in your paytm wallet as it is useful everywhere.

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