How to Enable/Disable Notifications in Paytm App

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It's really important to get notification recent deals and offer that paytm provides. It helps you to shop on a better deal on paytm. But sometimes paytm notifications get annoying and the good news is we can turn them off or on according to our preference. You can follow the guide and learn to enable or disable the paytm notifications.

How To Turn On Paytm App Notification

Steps to Enable or Disable the Paytm Notifications

1. Open your Paytm Application: First of all, you will need to launch your paytm application. For that on your Android device, you will need to tap on the white icon with paytm written on it. Set notifications in Paytm App

2. Tap on three horizontal lines: On the main page of the paytm application, at the top left corner, you will see three parallel horizontal lines. Just tap on it and it will open up a sidebar with numerous options like Security settings, Profile settings and etc. Set notifications in Paytm App

3. A sidebar will be opened: You will see a sidebar with your profile photo and name and number of your paytm account. Make sure your profile is opened if not sign in to your paytm account. Set notifications in Paytm App

4. Tap on "Notification Settings": Scroll down on the sidebar till you find the Notification Settings option. Tap on the notification settings so that you will be able to control the notifications of your paytm application.

Set notifications in Paytm App

5. Tap on the Toggle to turn off: You will see a "Send notifications" option with a toggle just next to it. Touch the toggle to turn them off and it will disable your notifications. Set notifications in Paytm App

6. Turn the toggle on to Enable the notifications: If you want to turn on your Notifications just tap on the toggle and it will Enable your notifications. Set notifications in Paytm App

It's better to keep our notification on as we will be staying tuned to best deals and offer about paytm and also the cashbacks notifications. To conclude it's your choice to keep the notifications on or off.

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