How to Add Beneficiary in Paytm

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Beneficiaries are an important aspect of transferring money on Paytm. To add beneficiaries to Paytm, you may need a guide. Here is the solution! In this article, you will get simple steps with detailed information on how to follow them. Now let's take a glance at it.

How to add Paytm beneficiary

Add Beneficiary In Paytm With 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Paytm app: You have to have an account created on Paytm. Then only you can make any settings in it. Now go to the Paytm App on your device. Then click on it. Next, open the Paytm app.

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Step-2 Tap on your profile: Once the homepage of the Paytm app opens on your screen. Then go to the profile icon located at the left corner of the page. Tap on your profile and open it.

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Step-3 Click on payment settings: Now from the options under your profile. Go to the Payment Settings options. Then click on it.

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Step-4 Tap on UPI and linked bank accounts: The Payment settings will open another page with certain options. Now tap on the option of UPI & Linked Bank Accounts.

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Step-5 Click on manage beneficiaries: Now you will have another page with numerous options on your screen. Click on the option of manage beneficiaries.

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Step-6 Tap on add new beneficiary: Once the beneficiaries page opens up. Then tap on add new beneficiary.

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Step-7 Add the bank details: To add new beneficiaries in Paytm you have to give your bank details. So now enter the bank details appropriately.

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Step-8 After adding the details, click on add beneficiary: Once you have finished filling in the bank details. Then again tap on add beneficiary. Hence, you have successfully added beneficiaries in Paytm.

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What Is The Advantage Of Adding Beneficiaries In Paytm?

Beneficiaries can be a very useful tool while transferring money on Paytm. It enables the fastest transferring of money on Paytm. To send money from Paytm Wallet, you must add the beneficiary's account. Then only you can transfer money from Paytm Wallet. Also, you can drop the beneficiary account from Paytm once you don't have any use of it.

Can You Pay From Your Bank Account After Adding New Beneficiaries On Paytm?

Yes, you can add your beneficiaries on Paytm with your bank account. Above mentioned steps explain how you can do that. Also, you can use both a Paytm wallet or Bank Account to add beneficiaries on Paytm.

Do Paytm Provide A Cashback Offer For Paying With Paytm Wallet?

Yes, Paytm offers a cashback on certain occasions while paying from the Paytm wallet. There are numerous discount offers and cashback plans on various services of Paytm. You can check the cashback on Paytm and use it. The cashback adds up in your account after several hours or days.

Do Paytm Allows You To Remove Beneficiary?

Yes, once you are done using the beneficiary. Then you can remove the beneficiary from Paytm. There is no restriction to keeping the beneficiary on Paytm for a longer period. The beneficiary accounts can be removed several times. Moreover, you can add them multiple times too.






Another Method

It really gets easy to transfer money if you add a beneficiary account in your Paytm application. It's really easy to add a beneficiary in Paytm just follow the steps given below. It's a fast process of transferring money from one user to others and is also safe and secure.

Steps to add beneficiary in Paytm:

1. Open the Paytm application: First of all, on your Android device, you will see a white icon with Paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the Paytm application. Just tap on it and open the Paytm application.

Add beneficiary in Paytm

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines: On the main page of the Paytm application, you will see three horizontal lines at the top left corner. Just tap on it and it will open a sidebar with a number of options for example Profile Settings, Payment settings, etc.Add beneficiary in Paytm

3. Tap on the "My Payment Settings" option: On the sidebar scroll until you find the My payment settings option. Tap on it to change or modify your payment settings like Automatic payments and other payment details.

Add beneficiary in Paytm

4. Tap on Manage Beneficiaries: Under the Payment settings, you will find a number of options like Paytm Assist Paytm Postpaid and so many other options. You will need to tap on "Manage Beneficiaries".

Add beneficiary in Paytm

5. Tap on the "Add New Beneficiary": You can add a new Beneficiary by tapping on the "Add New Beneficiary" option at the bottom of the page. Add beneficiary in Paytm

6. Tap on "Bank Account": As we are adding the Beneficiary for a bank so that's why we will choose the bank account option. Just check the checkbox of the Bank Account. Add beneficiary in Paytm

7. Enter the Account Number: You now need to enter the account details of the account you will be adding in your beneficiary. Firstly add the account number of the receiver. Add beneficiary in Paytm

8. Enter the Account Holder's Name: Enter the name of the account holder in the box given. Make sure you enter all these details correctly. Add beneficiary in Paytm

9. Enter the IFSC code: The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)) facilitates electronic funds transfer within India. Enter it carefully or if you are confused about it you can find the IFSC code by tapping on the "Find IFSC" and entering the details required. Add beneficiary in Paytm

10. Tap on Add Beneficiary: After Enabling the money transfer from Paytm wallet you can tap on the "Add Beneficiary" option at the bottom of the page. Add beneficiary in Paytm

Method 2: Paytm Wallet Beneficiary.

You can also add a Paytm beneficiary to transfer money from your Paytm wallet to the other Paytm user. 11. Tap on the "Paytm Wallet" checkbox: Now as we are adding the Paytm wallet beneficiary. Therefore, we will need to tap on the "Paytm wallet" checkbox. Add beneficiary in Paytm

12. Enter the Mobile Number: Now you will need to enter the mobile number of the Paytm user you are adding the beneficiary. Enter the 10 digits mobile number carefully and make sure the number entered is correct.

Add beneficiary in Paytm

13. Tap on "Add Beneficiary": After entering all the details just tap on "Add Beneficiary". Now your Paytm beneficiary is added. Add beneficiary in Paytm

You might have learned to add the beneficiary of the account and also from the Paytm wallet. Now you can transfer the money seamlessly using the Paytm application.

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