How to Check Cashback in Paytm

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Paytm give you a number of offers and cashback when paying through paytm. You can easily check cashback on Paytm by following this guide. We can use the cashback money everywhere from buying stuff from paytm mall to paying someone. There are different offers where you get the paytm cashback. Just follow the step given below to check cashback on Paytm.

Check Cashback in Paytm

Steps to check cashback on Paytm:

1. Launch the Paytm Application: Firstly on your Android Device, you will see a white Logo with paytm written on it. Just tap on it to open the paytm application. Check cashback in Paytm

2. You will find Cashback offer on Mobile Prepaid: Paytm gives offers and cashbacks if you recharge your mobile using paytm application. You may get a different amount of cashback depending on the offer.

Check cashback in Paytm

3. You can also find Cashback offers at the bottom of the main page: If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will also find cashback offers. Like if you pay with paytm on Zomato you will get Rs 100 cash back in your paytm wallet. Check cashback in Paytm

4. Tap on the bar just above the main area: You will see some more cashback offers on different things like Bus ticket bookings and others. Check cashback in Paytm

5. You can find Cashback offers while booking bus: While booking bus tickets using paytm just below the search buses option you will see different cashback offers. Just tap on the offer which is suitable with your booking. Every offer has some limitation so choose the offer accordingly. Check cashback in Paytm

6. You can also get 50% cashback: If you are booking a bus ticket first time using the paytm application you can also get a 50% discount by using the BIGBUs promo code. Also there a lot of cashback offers available for first-time users. Check cashback in Paytm

Keep your paytm application updated in order to get occasional cashback offers. And turn on the paytm notification as paytm gives you a notification about the new offers which are available on different things like ordering food, booking bus or flight tickets. If you have registered your email id with paytm you may also get emails about the latest offers.

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