How to Check Transaction ID in Paytm

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Paytm is the largest mobile e-commerce website for online transactions. Every transaction of user done with Paytm has a unique transaction ID. It can be a DTH recharge, bill payment, buying movie tickets, train tickets, money transfer etc. User of Paytm app can check for specific order's transaction ID following few steps. In this article we will guide you the simple steps to check for transaction ID of different orders in Paytm app.

How To Check Transaction id And UTR No. On Paytm

Steps to check transaction ID of Paytm transactions:

1. Open Paytm - On your mobile's home screen, scroll and look for a white colored icon that has Paytm written on it. Tap the icon to open Paytm application. Check transaction id in Paytm

2. Tap on Horizontal lines - The first thing shown will be the Paytm home screen and on the top left corner of the screen, there will be a symbol with Three horizontal lines. Tap on the symbol to open menu.

Check transaction id in Paytm

3. Go to My Orders - Tap on My Orders option from the list of option to get the details of your orders. Check transaction id in Paytm

4. Tap on desired order - On the "My Orders" menu, scroll and look for the desired order for which you need to see transaction ID. Tap on the order to open its details. Check transaction id in Paytm

5. Order details - Following screen will show you the details of the order. You can see the order number and amount of the transaction. Check transaction id in Paytm

6. Transaction Number - Scroll down on the screen to look for payment details. Under payment details, you can see the transaction number of the order. Check transaction id in Paytm

Paytm made it easy for its users to transact money online using mobile and safeguard their transaction using unique transaction IDs. One can simply refer his or her past orders following few clicks.  

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