How to Get Paytm Account Statement

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It's really important to keep track of the spending which we did on paytm. Paytm allows you to get Paytm statement very easily just follow the steps to get your paytm statement. You can check each and every detail of the spending you did using the paytm application. Follow the steps given below.

Steps to get the Paytm statement:

1. Open the Paytm Application: First of all, on your Android Device, you will see a white icon with paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the paytm application. Just tap on it to open the paytm application.

Get Paytm statement

2. Tap on Passbook: After opening the paytm application on the main page of it you will see a number of options like Pay, UPI Monet Transfer, etc. You will need to tap on the Passbook option which will allow you to see all the transaction you made using the paytm application. Get Paytm statement

3. Tap on Paytm Wallet: Now you as we need the transaction history of the paytm wallet. Hence, tap on the Paytm wallet option. Get Paytm statement

4. Tap on Request Statement: On your paytm wallet page, you can do a number of things like Add money to Paytm Wallet, Send Money to Bank, etc. As we need the statement of the paytm transactions we will tap on the Request Statement option. Get Paytm statement

5. Tap on Select Duration: If you want to have the details of the past 6 months or past 1 year you can check the checkbox and get the details. Also, we can select the duration for that just check the Select Duration checkbox.

Get Paytm statement

6. Select the "From" date: Now a calendar will pop out and you have to choose the date from which you want your transactions. Just choose the appropriate date accordingly. Get Paytm statement

7. Choose the "to" date: Now choose the date till where you want your transactions to be listed. Just choose the date from the calendar. Get Paytm statement

8. Tap on Proceed: After you have chosen the dates from which to which you want your transactions to be listed you can tap on the Proceed option at the bottom right corner of the page. Get Paytm statement

9. Tap on Ok: A pop-up will be displayed informing that the statement will be emailed to your registered mail id for the requested period. Get Paytm statement

10. Go to Gmail app: Now Exit the paytm application and open your Gmail application. It's a white and red colored icon just tap on it to open the Gmail application. Get Paytm statement

11. Open the Mail: You will see a mail received by paytm with a link or attachment of your requested period transaction statement. Open the mail to open your Statement. Get Paytm statement

12. Paytm Wallet Summary: Now the mail will redirect you to your Statement and you can check the amount spend on the paytm application. Get Paytm statement

Finally, you got your paytm statement and you can now go through each and every detail. If you have not registered your email id with paytm then you should first update it then request for the statement.

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