How to Recharge Paytm

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Nowadays paytm can be used everywhere from paying for groceries to paying your electricity bills everything can be done using paytm. So it is important to keep our paytm wallet recharged. Follow this guide and you will get to know how you can recharge paytm wallet.

How to add money to your Paytm Wallet

Steps to recharge Paytm

1. Open Paytm application: First of all on your Andriod device, you will see a white icon with paytm written on it. It's the trademark icon for the paytm application. Tap on it to open the application. Recharge your paytm

2. Tap on "Add Money": Secondly, After opening the paytm application on the top you will see many options one of which will be "Add Money". You will need to scroll horizontally to get the option. Tap on it to recharge Paytm and add money to your wallet. Recharge your paytm

3. Tap on "To Paytm Wallet" option: As we need to recharge our paytm wallet we will choose the "To Paytm Wallet" option. It will add the recharge amount to our paytm wallet. Which further we can use to pay to merchants.

Recharge your paytm

4. Add amount: Now we will need to enter the amount by which we want to recharge our wallet. We can add any amount according to our requirement. Recharge your paytm

5. Tap on "Add Money": Now we just need to tap on the "Add Money" option which is present just below the amount you entered. Recharge your paytm

Enter your card credentials. Make sure your debit card is handy at this point.

6. Add your card number: We can choose from many options like the debit card, credit card or net banking to add money. After choosing the desired option now enter the card number in the box given. Recharge your paytm

7. Enter the expiry date: You will also need to enter the card expiry date in the form of MM/YY. It's really safe to enter your credentials here as paytm is a trusted platform. Recharge your paytm

8. Fill in the CVV: You will find your CVV number at the back of the card. Just enter the three-digit CVV in the box given.

Recharge your paytm

9. Tap on "Pay Securely": After you are done adding the credentials of your card you can now tap on the "Pay Securely" option present at the bottom of the page. Recharge your paytm

10. Enter the OTP: One-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number. You need to enter that OTP in the box given. It secures you against ordinary money related misrepresentation however vishing fraudsters are vigilant to lay their hands on your OTP. Make sure that you never share your OTP to anyone.

Recharge your paytm

11. Tap on Confirm Payment: After you entered your OTP which came on your registered mobile number. Tap on the Confirm Payment option present just below the OTP box. Recharge your paytm

12. Check for the green tick: You will get a green blinking tick if your payment was successful. The amount will be added to your wallet which you can use anywhere and pay for a number of things. Recharge your paytm

Paytm is a reliable app and you can trust it with your money. Paytm is now accepted in almost every small and big shops. So to conclude with this digital India we should also get digital and pay digitally. Also, there is no issue of change in paying the other person digitally and it makes the day to day transactions easier.

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