How to Check Paytm Recharge History

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You can check paytm recharge history if you have any confusion about any of your recharges. You can recharge your phone using paytm and also you can pay bills using the paytm application. Follow this guide and you can easily check paytm recharge history by following these simple steps.

Steps to Check Paytm Recharge History: 4 Steps

1. Open the Paytm application: First of all on your android device tap on the white icon with paytm written on it. It is the icon for the paytm application. Check Paytm recharge history

2. Tap on three horizontal lines: On the main page of the paytm application, you will see three horizontal lines at the top left corner. Just tap on it and it will open a sidebar with a number of options like Payment settings, My passbook, etc. Check Paytm recharge history

3. Tap on My Orders: Now tap on the My orders option which will allow you to see all the orders which you made using paytm application. You can see all the shopping or paytm mall orders, Movie tickets you booked etc.

Check Paytm recharge history

4. Tap on Recharge & Bills tab: You will a number of tabs under my orders page like All, Recharge & Bills, shopping other.. You need to tap the Recharge & Bills tab. It will show the history of all the recharges and bills you paid using paytm application. Check Paytm recharge history  

You can tap on any transaction and get detailed information about it like the date of the transaction and what amount was paid etc.

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