How to Check Paytm Gold Balance

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Paytm application has this amazing feature with which its users can buy or sell gold using their Paytm account. The users can purchase gold of as low as Re 1 using Paytm. They can purchase gold at anytime using Paytm. Paytm allows its user to sell gold back to MMTC-PAMP at the rate shown on the Paytm platform.

The amount received in return gets credited to user's bank account. Paytm also allows its user to get physical delivery of their gold following certain procedure. In this article we will guide you the steps to check your Paytm Gold Balance.

Check gold balance in paytm

Steps to check Paytm Gold Balance:

1. Open Paytm - Go to your Android device's home screen and then scroll to look for a white colored icon with Paytm written on it. Tap on the icon to Open Paytm. Check Paytm gold balance

2. Go to Gold - From the different transaction options on the screen, tap on "Gold" option that has a "three gold plate" symbol on top of it. It will be located in the white area on the right side of the screen.

If the option is not there on the white area, tap on "More" option that has "four squares" symbol above it. The next screen will show you more options of transaction. Look for Gold option and tap on it to continue.

Check Paytm gold balance

3. Check Gold Balance - Following screen will show you the details of your Paytm gold balance. The amount of Gold you have and its price in Indian rupees will be shown on top of the screen. You can verify this gold balance anytime using Paytm. Check Paytm gold balance

Thus, following these simple steps you can check your Paytm gold balance anytime.

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