How to Reset Paytm Password

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Nowadays there are hundreds of application and with hundreds of passwords to remember. Sometimes we forget some of the passwords and it really gets difficult if we forget our paytm password. But the good news is we can reset paytm password easily by just following the steps given below.

How to change password in Paytm App

Steps to Reset Paytm Password

1. Open the Paytm Application: Firstly on your Android device, you will see a white icon with paytm written on it. Tap on it open the Paytm application on your phone. Reset paytm password

2. Tap on three horizontal lines: On the main page of the paytm application, you will find three parallel horizontal lines at the top left corner. Just tap on them and it will open a sidebar with a number of options. For example, Payment Settings, Profile settings, etc. Reset paytm password

3. Tap on Security Settings: On the side scroll until you find the Security Settings Option. Just tap on it and it will allow us to reset the password. Reset paytm password

4. Tap on Change Password Option: You will see a lot option in the security settings like Change passcode, Manage App lock, etc. You need to tap on the Change password option. Reset paytm password

5. Tap on Forgot Password option: Now as we have forgotten our paytm password we will need to tap on the "Forgot Password?" option present at the bottom of the page. Reset paytm password

6. Tap on Ok: A pop up will come informing us about how to reset the password. We will need to give a call on the number given in the box. Just read the "Alert" message and tap on ok. Reset paytm password

7. Now Go to your Dailer: We will need to call the customer care to reset our paytm password for that you should open your phone dialer. Reset paytm password

8. Enter the Customer Care number: The customer care number to change our paytm password is 0120-4888488 just enter the number in the dialer. Reset paytm password

9. Call the number: Choose the sim you want to call from. Make sure you are calling from the registered paytm mobile number. If your registered mobile number is of Jio tap on Jio to call the number. Reset paytm password

10. Open the Dial Pad: After calling the paytm customer care number just open the Dial Pad as you will need to choose some of the options during the call. Reset paytm password

11. Press on 1: You will get some instructions to one of which will be to press 1 if you want to change the password. So just tap on 1 on your dial pad. Reset paytm password

12. Go to Messages: A link will be sent to your registered mobile number to change your paytm password. Just open your messages on your device. Reset paytm password

13. Tap on Paytm message: You will see an AX-IPAYTM message in your inbox. Just tap on it to open the message.

Reset paytm password

14. Tap on the link: Now in message, you will find a password reset link. Tap on the link to change your paytm password. The link will redirect you to the Reset paytm password

15. Enter the New Paytm Password: In the box given enter your new paytm password. Make sure the new password has minimum of 5 characters and also read the password requirements given just below the box.

Reset paytm password

16. Re-Enter the Password: Now in the confirm password box re-enter your password just to confirm it. Enter the same password as you entered in the box above. Reset paytm password

17. Tap on Proceed: After entering your new password and confirming it you can tap on the proceed option at the bottom of the page. Make sure both the password enter are same. After ensuring all the things tap on the

Reset paytm password

Your Paytm Password is now changed successfully. You can go to the paytm application and log in with the new password. Do not share your paytm password with anyone.

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