How to Check Paytm Limit

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Everyone gets a wallet limit on paytm and they can only receive up to that particular amount. We can easily check paytm limit just follow this guide. We can not receive more than the limit we have been given. Follow the steps given below to check your paytm wallet limit.

Step to check Paytm limit

1. Open the Paytm application: First of all, on your android device, you will see a white logo with paytm written on it just tap on the logo to launch your paytm application. Check Paytm limit

2. Tap on three horizontal lines: On the main page of the paytm application at the top left corner you will see three lines just tap on them and a sidebar will be opened with a number of options like Payment settings, Security Setting, etc.Check Paytm limit

3. Tap on your Profile: At the top of the sidebar, you will see your profile photo with some information. Tap on it to open your paytm profile. Check Paytm limit

4. You can check the limit: Scroll down and you can check the limit of your paytm wallet. It usually ranges from 10,000 to 20,000. Check Paytm limit

The merchants have a different paytm wallet limit and you can also increase the limit of the paytm by completing your KYC. We can also become Paytm VIP member and increase our paytm wallet limit. You can also transfer the paytm wallet account to your bank account.

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