How to Pay Traffic Challan through Paytm App

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With increasing traffic in every city, you may sometimes break the rule and get some fine or challan. But paytm has even sorted that for you. You can easily pay your Traffic Challan using the paytm application. Now you no longer need to go to the police station and pay the fine you can just sit at your home and pay your Traffic Challan. Follow the steps given below.

Steps to pay your Traffic Challan through Paytm App.

Steps to pay Traffic Challan:

1. Open the paytm application: On your Android device, first of all, you will need to tap on the white logo with paytm written on it. It's the trademark logo for the paytm application. Just tap on it to launch the application. traffic challan

2. Tap on More: On the main page of the paytm application, you will see a more option which will enable you to access the hidden features of the paytm application. Paytm only displays frequently used options on its homepage but there are more options which you can see by tapping on the More option. traffic challan

3. Tap on Challan: You will see a traffic signal logo under the City services section with Challan written under it. Just tap on the Challan option to pay your Traffic Fine. traffic challan

4. Choose the Traffic Authority: Now you will have to choose the authority to which you want to pay the challan. For that just tap on the box given and type the name of the authority you are paying to for example, in this case, it's Telangana eChallan. traffic challan

5. Enter the Vehicle number: Now enter your Vehicle Number in the box given. Make sure you enter your vehicle number correctly as it will display all the challan against the vehicle number you entered. traffic challan

6. Tap on Proceed: After you entered all the details and ensured that they are entered correctly. You can then tap on the proceed option which is present at the bottom of the page. traffic challan

7. Tap on the Challan you want to pay: Now you will be shown all the challan which were fined on that vehicle number and you can choose which challan you want to pay first. Also, you can choose to pay all the challans together.

traffic challan

8. Tap on Proceed: After you have selected the challans you want to pay. You can see the total amount to be paid. Just tap on the Proceed option. traffic challan

9. You can choose to pay using a Debit/Credit card: You can also pay with your paytm wallet money and if it does not have the money you can easily add money to paytm wallet. Also, we have the option to pay using a debit/credit card. Choose the card you want to pay from and just check the checkbox. traffic challan

10. Enter the CVV number: At the back side of your debit card, you can see a three-digit CVV code which you will need to enter in order to pay using your debit card. You should not share your CVV with anyone.

traffic challan

11. Tap on Pay now: After you have entered all the necessary details you can tap on the Pay Now option. You will get an OTP on your Registered mobile number. traffic challan

12. Success Status: After your payment is successfully completed you can see a Sucess status as shown in the image below. You can get a receipt of it on your registered mail id and also you can download it from the paytm application. traffic challan

You should always follow traffic rules whatever the situation is you should always try to follow them but if you unknowingly break the rule paytm is here to help you out. As everything is at your comfort you should not misuse the facilities.

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