How to Pay DTH Bill using Paytm App

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Recharge your DTH bill with few clicks using Paytm application. Paytm is one of the finest and the easiest user friendly application to recharge your DTH bill online. Using Paytm app, you can pay for DTH bill anytime from your mobile phone. Paytm even gives you options to select plan before recharging your DTH so that you can browse for different plans and can select accordingly. Follow the steps given below to pay for DTH bill using Paytm application.

Steps to pay for DTH bill using Paytm

1. Open Paytm Application: On your Android device, scroll and look for Paytm application icon. It is a white color icon with Paytm written on it. Tap on it to open Paytm. Pay dth bill using paytm app 2. Go to More: Following screen will show you the Home screen of Paytm. Tap on "More" option (It will have four squares on top of it), located on the bottom right side. Pay dth bill using paytm app 3. Tap on DTH: From the group of options in the following screen, click on "DTH" option. It will have a "Dish Antenna" sign above DTH. Pay dth bill using paytm app 4. Select Operator: Choose the desired operator for which you want to pay the bill from the given options by taping on it. Pay dth bill using paytm app 5. Enter Registered Mobile Number: On the space given below, enter the registered mobile number or subscriber ID of your account to pay the bill. Pay dth bill using paytm app Step-6 Enter Amount: After entering the registered mobile number you need to enter the amount that has to be paid in the space given below registered mobile number. Pay dth bill using paytm app 7. Tap on "Proceed to Recharge": After entering the details of account and amount of the bill, tap on "Proceed to Recharge" to continue. Pay dth bill using paytm app 8. Apply Promo code: If you have any promo code for the transaction, click on Apply promo code and enter the code. If you don't have any promo code just click on "Proceed to Pay". Pay dth bill using paytm app 9. Select Options To Pay: On the following screen you will see options to pay the bill. Choose desired option to pay the bill by tapping on the check box in front of the options. You can pay directly by Paytm if you have balance in your Paytm account or you can enter your ATM card details to pay the desired amount. Click on "Pay Securely" to finish the process. Pay dth bill using paytm app 10. Success: Your transaction is completed and the DTH bill is paid using Paytm. Pay dth bill using paytm app As you can see through these steps. Paytm is the easiest and simplest way to pay for your DTH bill. It keep record of the transactions as well, so that you can check for it later.

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