How to Share Your Personal QR on Paytm App

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The QR code feature really made it easier to share your profile. You can also accept payments without any errors. QR on Paytm App is really easy to get and you can use it to share your profile with others. Follow the guide to show your personal Paytm Id QR on paytm app.

How To Find And Share QR Code in Paytm

Steps to show QR on Paytm App

1. Open the Paytm Application: First of all, on your android device, you will see a white icon with paytm written on it. Launch the paytm application by tapping on the logo. Get our QR on Paytm App

2. Go to Profile: To show your QR code and accept payment you will need to go to your profile. For that, you will need to tap on the three parallel horizontal lines. They are situated at the top left corner of the paytm main page. Tap on it and a sidebar will be opened. Get our QR on Paytm App

3. Tap on Your personal Small QR ID: Now on the top of the sidebar, you will see your profile photo with your name. Make sure your account is signed in if not log in to your account. Just near your profile photo, you will see a small QR code. Tap on it to open your account's QR code. Get our QR on Paytm App

4. Share your QR: Finally, your Paytm account's QR code will be displayed and now other persons can scan it and pay to you. It's really safe and accurate as there are no errors just you have to scan and pay. Get our QR on Paytm App

most noteworthy thing is that you can also print it and paste it if you have any shop and have to accept payments on a daily basis. The QR code is your personal Paytm Id, you can show this QR to receive money and accept payments. It is error free as there will be no mistakes because you don't have to enter the mobile number manually which may create some errors and consequently end up paying some other person.

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