How to Check Paytm KYC

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It's really important to get your KYC done in order to use the paytm application. You can easily check if your Paytm Kyc is done or not. Just follow the step by step guide to check your paytm KYC. You also get a number of offers once your Kyc is done successfully. Just follow the steps and follow them.

How to know kyc has been completed in paytm

Steps to Check Paytm KYC:

1. Tap on the three Horizontal lines: After you have launched your paytm application. On the main page of the paytm application, you will see three horizontal lines. Just tap on it and it will open a sidebar with a number of options.

check paytm kyc

2. Check for the Blue Tick: Now on the sidebar just next to your profile name and profile photo if you see a blue tick that means the paytm KYC is done. If there is no tick mark then you will have to complete your paytm KYC. check paytm kyc

If you have not completed your KYC then you will not be able to pay anyone or make any transactions using the paytm application. Therefore, it's really important to complete your KYC. You also get a number of offers once you complete the KYC. It's always recommended to complete your paytm Kyc.

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